Thursday, February 28, 2019

Garden Gate Inspiration For Spring

I remember when antique garden gates were brought into the house and used as decor pieces. I always wanted one but I was too cheap to pony up the cash. At some point, I saw one for $49.00 and I passed on it! I've kicked myself for letting that one get away. That trend seemed to wain and those garden elements returned to garden, but this year I've been drawn once again to garden gate inspired decor. Anything with a lacy, wrought iron kind of feel has been pulled out of storage and sprinkled about. It's providing a subtle, spring like feel.
Here are some of the ways that I've infused that feeling into our decor.

A trifold piece on the buffet was a candle holder. I think I got it at Kirkland's, ages ago. The tea light holders came off easily with some tin snips. The lantern came from Hobby Lobby. It's older but they may still have it. The cute bunny came from Joann's a few weeks ago. The wreaths in the images above and below came from Michael's. They were on sale for $7.50 each. They were identical but I augmented the one below with a few other picks.

I got the trellis at Tuesday Morning about six years ago. Trellises make cute wall art.

As you can see, my metal pieces have gotten some darling wreaths for spring. 

This fun basket below was holding plastic food containers in the cabinet.
I'm not sure what I was thinking but it sure is cute. I'm glad it's out of hiding.

The flower arrangement on the mantel was made from a planter and a trellis from Dollar Tree.
One of the daffodils came from Pottery Barn and the other from Joann's.
 I had to snip the ends of the trellis off a little to get it to sit in the planter. The pots hold it in place.

I think I love it more because I only spent two dollars.

 The YouTubers were all talking about these containers so they went flying out of the stores. I checked four different stores and found two at a very dumpy Dollar Tree. They only had two left and I bought both of them.

My fireplace grate is a gate from Home Depot. They still carry these. This one was originally black but I spray painted it.

Getting a good picture of Dixie is rare.

Michael's had some fun farmhouse inspired containers for spring flowers. They were was only $8.00.

I love the chicken wire on this.

I found another chicken wire basket at the thrift store for $2.00.

The galvanized pot is from Hobby Lobby. Both of the florals are from Raz Imports, I think.
They make great faux florals.
Walmart has some amazing faux florals right now.
The lavender picks in my planter box were only 97 cents each.

They also had silver dollar eucalyptus branches for only $3.00. Lavender bushes were also $3.00. They had some beautiful cherry blossom branches for $5.00 but I didn't get any of those.

Cute, cute.

Walmart also had a few things to freshen up the downstairs bathroom.
I love the chicken wire tray from the Better Homes and Gardens brand. It's was $8 or $9 dollars, I think. More of the lavender rests in the IKEA pitcher.
That is what is going on here.
Spring is almost here! Are you getting inspired?
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  1. Loads of inspiration here, Katie! I'm starting to get my spring groove going and will wrap it up when we get back from our trip. Seeing your wonderful space is extra motivation!

  2. Katie,
    Now, if only our spring weather would return. Those predicted lows in the 20s for the next several nights have me shivering at the thought.


  3. Hi Katie,
    You have some beautiful metal pieces to add Spring too. Love seeing all your sweet spring decor appearing in your home. Have a good evening.

  4. Katie, I have always had a weakness for old garden gates. I have brought both my metal and wooden one in from outdoors a few times. Love the cheery Daffodils and what a great score on the containers! I never go on U tube.

  5. It's only 20 degrees here at 5:00 in SW Missouri. I've been freezing for days. I'm really ready for some Spring Inspiration. I still have my garden gates, and they're in the sunroom now. I love them, so they'll have to still be "trendy" over here. You found some fun pieces; love the Daffodils!

  6. Everything looks lovely, Katie! Thank you for sharing on Homestyle Gathering! Hope you join us each week!