Saturday, February 23, 2019

When Will It Be Spring?

I'm not complaining because we haven't been hit with some of the weather that I've seen with some of you, Dear Readers. But - it has rained so much the last few weeks. Don't tell Bill but I really wanted some snow this year. We haven't gotten any snow in the last two years. It doesn't look like that is going to happen this year either.  We have had a few nice days but not as many as usual. 
When the sun is shining, I'd rather be outside so I haven't gotten many pictures of our early spring decor. 
I thought it would be fun to look as some past spring and Easter decor. Easter is late this year, so I'm trying to keep my hands out of the Easter bin. Haha. 
Here are some inspiration pictures for you. I hope this will get you in the mood for spring decor. 

I love this lamb. I found it on Ebay. 

Where are you, Spring? I hope you will be here soon. 


  1. No Snow? I wish I could pack you up some and ship it to Texas; we've still got plenty here in southern Maine. I'm anxious for Spring too but will have to wait until April for it here. I did notice a few of your IKEA Spring decorations; was there last weekend and bought the white tray and filigree plant pots. IKEA is all ready for Spring anyway! Hoping rain stops and nice weather arrives in your area soon, Cheryl

  2. Katie, thanks for the memories! That all seems so far away but I am getting tired of being cold and am in need of bright colors..Happy Weekend..Judy

  3. Katie,
    Did I spot snow outside the window with yellow daffodils?


  4. We're a little north of Dallas and we did get some snow this year for a day or two, but that's all. I remember it snowing on Easter Day for several years in a row, so maybe we still have a chance of more of the white stuff still. Thanks for the spring breeze with your past easter decor. I'm just not feeling spring at all this year.

  5. It's freezing here this morning but the sun will be out soon and it will warm up. Love your pictures, especially the one in the glass house with the books and Spring flowers. Love your little lamb too. I am ready for Spring.

  6. I think it IS spring in your home. It isn't here but I plan to pull out the spring this weekend, even though it's freezing cold, snowy and icy! I like taking a page from your book on this!

  7. I liked seeing all your past Spring-y pictures, Katie. I'm sure that I'm not the norm, but I don't mind Winter in Texas. I dread what comes after Spring, because Summer sticks around too long for me.