Thursday, March 28, 2019

Good Morning! Let's Talk About Spring

Hi friends, 
I'm so happy it is spring! I've been battling the liriope again and I'm ready to plant some seeds. 
I just need to amend the soil a bit.  Bill and I will have one of our date nights to Home Depot. I'm very weird, I know. 

My sister suggested I go for a mani/pedi to treat myself today. 
Um no. I'm more of an overalls, top soil, get my nails dirty type of girl. 

Last fall, I collected seeds from my zinnias, four o'clocks, and periwinkles. I doubt the periwinkles will work but the four o'clocks and zinnias will come up without any problem. These pictures are from last fall. 

Because I love the deep pink zinnias more than the red ones, I collected more flower heads from the pink flowers. 

I don't even separate the seeds from the flowers. I just plant the whole deadheaded flower. 

My issue involves pulling up the pansies. 
Our Texas pansies last all winter. 

Before you hate me because it's warm in the winter, just think of me in August. 

Our winters are a gift because we made it through the summer. 

Our pansies only last through June but if I wait until June to pull them out, I've waited too long and our spring annuals don't have time to get established before the summer heat gets here. 
It's a delicate dance. 
I really dislike pulling up flowers before they are spent. 

In other news the green house did its job this winter. 

It's not just a pretty potting shed! Everything survived except a geranium. That died because it didn't get enough water. I've already replaced it. 

I still haven't used the green house to start seeds. That may be on the agenda next winter. 

If you are a long time reader you might remember that I recovered all the deck cushions.  

Because outdoor fabric is so expensive, it costs as much to recover outdoor cushions as it does to buy new furniture. It's ridiculous. 
I've recovered these several times since we've had them. 
Drop cloths didn't work because they mildewed. 

I loved this look from back in 2014. It was so versatile. 
In 2016, I'd had enough of washing out mildewed cushions. 
Joann's only good choice was navy. 

The bird pillow was so much fun. Last time I checked the fabric was still at Joann's. 

At some point in the last two years, I replaced the stripe because it mildewed. I think I replaced anything cushion that was faded last spring. 
The cushions take a beating because of the Texas sun and they needed to be recovered again. 
The top picture is at the beginning of the spring. 
These pictures are from December. 


The love seat was sagging. Bill never liked the club chairs because the lizards loved the club chairs too. We got new black and white cushions for our vintage armchairs. 

We got a new love seat and coffee table from Home Depot. 

Except for one club chair and ottoman we put the furniture and sun umbrella by the curb. They all magically disappeared. :)

We have a new gazebo from CostCo to put together. It's our anniversary present to each other. 
It will protect the new furniture, give us some shade, and mosquito protection. I'll let you know when it's finished. 

I know that you all know I was ready to throw in the towel concerning blogging. Several times recently friends have told me how much they love my posts and that I'm inspiring them. It's still weird to have my face to face friends read my blog but their comments made me realize the reason why I started blogging in the first place. 
That's what it's all about isn't it? 
Thanks for sticking through this post all the way though. It's not "blogging" perfect but that is okay. 
If you think of it, I can use your prayers. 


  1. Cushions are a scourge. covering them yourself is a mess, and I about ruined a sewing machine doing it. LOVE your new furniture choices, perfect color for the cushions. Between mildew and the sun it's hard to keep them looking good. I'm hoping I have time to get a few flower seeds out too, pink Zinnias are my fave too!

  2. Backyard living is wonderful, but oh! the upkeep! We cover all the outdoor furniture each fall/winter, which keeps the furniture clean and dry. After 3 winters, however, the covers look atrocious -- faded and streaked with algae and who knows what. Doesn't help that they're too large. Ah well...
    I'm glad you've decided to stay with blogging, Katie. I enjoy your posts and your perspective. You keep it both real and interesting. And I appreciate that you provide a forum for your fellow bloggers via 'Keep in Touch'. Happy Spring!

  3. Inspiring blog Katie. I am ready for Spring too. Wish I could plant some pretty flowers, but the white-tail deer eat almost everything. We also enjoy the deer, so it a give and take issue. Glad you will continue to blog ... always enjoy what you show us. I want to get back to blogging, but that is so hard to do. Trying to get a "downsizing garage sale" organized and that is taking most of my time. I know you will enjoy your Gazebo.

  4. I am so envious of your Zinnias! I keep killing mine and have no idea why... I'm trying a new place this year so fingers crossed. We live outside, so getting the ready for the summer is a favorite past time of our too. Yours looks awesome. I can't wait to see oit when you are finished.

  5. Katie,
    I laughed when you said don't hate me because of the warm Winter and think about me in August!! I would die in the heat that you have to live with. I am a Winter person because I suffer from heat sensitivity!! Your flowers looked lovely last year. i do not know how much work i will do in the garden because of my knee surgery.... We will see. We have a small awning that semi protects our outdoor furniture and there is no protection on the front porch. It seems now like rain is our problem here....It rained all last Summer and it has never stopped!! Thanks so much for stopping by and this post was exactly the reason why you should not quit blogging!! I loved seeing your personality shine through!!

  6. Katie,
    Oh, how your flowering photos are inspiring me!
    It has been 'brown' here since October. . .I am so~o~o ready for green!
    Love the new deck furnishings!
    I can agree that sometimes, it's time for a change!
    Lifting you up in my daily morning and evening prayers.
    Thank you for remaining in"The Land of Blog".
    Always inspiring!

  7. It looks fabulous, Katie, and so full of spring. I love your deck! I'm just waiting for it to be warm enough to plant loads of zinnias. I'll put pansies in pots by the door, probably long before the zinnia seeds make it. I'm so longing for spring. We are getting sneak previews but then cold again. Well, that's spring. You are lucky to have it come early!

  8. Hi Katie, somewhere I missed the post about the liriope battle. After years of beautiful liriope bordering our landscaping, the deer discovered it and have eaten it all the way down to the dirt. We probably had 100 or more. They have never bothered it before. They must have had a horrible winter because they ate lots of things they have never touched. It's April and I don't even see any new shoots on the liriope and I am at a loss. We got some organic deer repellent and treated the yard yesterday.

    I hope you don't stop blogging. I love your blog.
    Most of my real life friends are not blog readers and don't understand this thing I do, including decorating and vintage treasure hunting. Blogging has been wonderful for connecting with people like you who are vintage soul friends.

    Praying for you!

  9. I will pray for you. I understand the blogging thing - I started one, then deleted it. Later started another, deleted it. Recently started my third - yes I'm crazy! I so want to make a "go" of this one but it's turning out the way the last two did - sigh. I think I'm just too boring to blog!