Thursday, March 21, 2019


Several things happened today that have made me question my existence. 
These are in no particular order. 
I was scrolling my Instagram feed this evening. Maybe it's me or the feed I've created but I simply do not understand how an all white room with a farmhouse or a gather sign on the wall can garner 4,000 likes. 
How? It's all so much sameness. 
Anita Diaz of Far Above Rubies was talking about it recently. I tried to find the post for you but couldn't. 
Follow her on Instagram if you want to add color to your feed. 
I made a mistake when I joined it because my Instagram was going to be private since my Facebook was public. I should start over and call it Let's Add Sprinkles but I'm too tired of it to do that. 

This photo got 54 likes. It was cropped a little differently for Instagram. 
There's white but also some color. There are vintage collectables which I find interesting. 

This one got 32 likes. It's got the ubiquitous wooden cutting boards but it's got cuteness with the copper molds. 
I was following an Instagramer, I can't remember who but I wouldn't tell you anyway. She posts the same 8 photos over and over and over again. 
How does she keep her followers that way? 
I think I need to stay off of that platform for a while. It's not deep or informative like a blog post. 

Which leads me to peeve number two. 
I was scrolling Facebook and a big blogger/influencer announced the bloggers for some renovation challenge. All of them are young! 
Bitter (almost 60 year old), "Your table is ready." 
It wasn't this post alone that had me feeling like companies are reaching out to younger bloggers. 
I've had that sense for a while now but it still irks. 
There is interest and wisdom with belongings and decor that have been gathered over the years. 

Peeve number three is something I found out about today. 
Initially, I was filled with joy but now I just want to cry because my friends, colleagues and I payed a high price because of the actions of another person. 
We can't go back. It can't be undone. 

If God let us in on His timetable, would we operate differently? 
Imagine a whisper, "This thing that you want- that you hope for, it will take 60 years."
"This trial will be over in two years."
"This longing that you have, it will never be fulfilled."   
Life would be different, if we knew how things were going to end. 
Would I do things differently if God laid out a road map for me? 
Would I lose heart knowing I had a 60 year wait for something? 
Would I stick something out had I known it was for only two years? 
Would I reach despair if a longing was left unsatisfied? 
I really don't know. 

The past two years have been a struggle at times. Society puts great value on having a career. 
I had one - it came to an end but I've gotten into a groove. My days are full and I am pretty content. 
Yet, there is a longing for something - a longing to influence and have impact even if it's only about some pretty decorating post. 
I really just have to say that God knows what He is doing. I have faith that He has mapped out the course for my life. He is still good. He is still faithful.

Even though I'm annoyed and sad for all of us that were impacted by another. 
I know that God knows what He is doing and it will all be okay.

"But blessed is the one who trusts in the Lord, whose confidence is in him. They will be like a tree planted by the water that sends out its roots by the stream. It does not fear when heat comes, its leaves are always green. It has no worries in a year of drought and never fails to bear fruit." Jer.17:7-8
Good night! 


  1. Katie,
    I hear you!! I know the post that you are talking about over on Far From Rubies!! Anita knows her style and what makes her happy and is not influenced by what is the current style. I feel that I too am the same way. I know my style and it is NOT In Style but I am good with that because it is what makes my heart sing and makes me happy. Unfortunately, we are not the ones that company's want to partner with because they want to promote the next In Style. Me personally, do not care because my blog is a personal blog and I do not want to partner nor advertise on my blog. I did a post about it several weeks ago if you remember. I do not do Instagram and my face book site is private because it is how I keep in touch with family and some friends. I also understand how you feel about being retired. Now that I am not working, it is very interesting. But I am not well and until I have my knee surgery and return to some normalcy. I will then fully understand what I want to do in retirement.... Thanks for posting this!!

  2. Wow, this is exactly what I've been thinking! I'm over 60 and would like to find more Instagram and bloggers over the half century mark. No, I don't have a unbelievable hubby to do things. No, I don't have absolutely darling precious children to show off. I do have a career I love, two German Shepherds, and a horse. The horse is the only one not living in my home which I paid off myself. Thank you for the lead to Far From Rubies because red is my favorite color. Blessed regards your way. Fran

  3. Katie I have felt the same way for a few weeks now about Peeve 1 and 2! While I think my style isn't for everyone, I certainly feel as if I mix traditional with current styles. My thing is while the all white is pretty, who can actually live with no color? Or maintain it. Don't get me wrong, hats off to those who can but we LIVE in our house. Plus, color makes me happy. Hang in there... us almot 60 girls need to stick together! Now I'm off to check out Far From Rubies!

  4. I've read your post twice and have to say I agree. I scroll thru IG for some inspiration from some that don't blog. I'm not into the "stories", I have too much to do. You, Katie dear, are a great inspiration to me because you share the fun everyday things. That's what blogging started out as, not as a big production with assistants and photographers, that's just a turn-off for me. As for color and the lack thereof, this new house I have does have a lot of white, but also strategic color. As an "over 60" I think we should consider using our experience somehow as a group. Keep up the good work, I always love your thoughts and ideas!

  5. Katie I think everyone should surround themselves with the style they love and then you can be truly happy. It should not be about one style. It is a shame that advertiser are going towards the younger crowd bloggers and IG peeps. I feel so sad sometimes that blogging has changed so much since I started my blog. I was doing IG but stopped as I felt my pictures did not live up to the big IG pics. I like to tell a story and I love the connection I have with blogging friends. I do not advertise I just do my blog for fun and connection so I don't worry too much about the advertisers. I just love the friendships I have made over the past 9 years and I do not just stay with my style blogs. I actually love to see blogs that are totally different from my style. That is what is fun and I love to see others like yourself happy with your style and sharing. Like everything in life things change and not always for the best. I will continue to do my little blog until no one reads it anymore. I love the connections and find blogging enjoyable since there are not strings attached.

  6. I love Instagram, but it's frustrating that people pay for followers. And for whatever the reason, I can't seem to increase my followers. People follow me, and if I don't follow back, they drop me. But I don't believe in following for a follow - I follow who I really like, and want people to follow me for that same reason. I hope tomorrow is a Peeve-free day for you!

  7. I have my own style...not all white...but I do like to add new, "in" things to feel like I am keeping up with change. I don't want to be in style for the simple reason of being in style. I like what I like and don't worry about what other bloggers or IG'ers might think. I love decorating and do a tiny bit of it every day...I am loving IG...only been there a few weeks now...I don't do all the hash tags and such...I just love making a pretty photo and posting it there. I just don't take it all too seriously....I didn't get on IG to collect followers...I just love looking at all the photos.
    I enjoyed your post...sorry you are feeling frustrated with it all...maybe we need to do a new blog link party on how we are decorating for spring...that might make you feel better. xoxo

  8. I'm sorry you have had such a disappointment, Katie. That is hard. I hope it will lead you to somewhere good you didn't expect! I definitely understand your feeling about instagram and nearly 65, I do feel the influence of young bloggers. Maybe, though it is because they attract advertisers and young buyers...who knows? I've definitely had days that I am discouraged and just want to quit. I am definitely seeing color coming back in decorating, though, and wallpaper, too. I guess we have to do what makes us feel at home and be true to our own self.

  9. Hi Katie,
    I don't do Instagram but agree with all of your peeves about popular blogs today. I work really hard at my blog and usually get one or two comments at most. Then I check some of the "Big bloggers" and they can garner 100's of Comments over a teapot. Go figure! The only way I justify it is that the few friends I have made through my blog are wonderful and I really enjoy "meeting" new people with similar interests from around the country. And, blogging gives me an opportunity to share my photographs and thoughts - I love to write. So - I'll keep writing and posting, and decorating, and doing DIY projects, and traveling, and making new blog friends, with no ads. And I'm 70! Thanks for your thoughtful post. Have a great weekend, Cheryl

  10. I don't really understand the ins and outs of blogging but I love to look at the comments and pictures of those who take the time to do that.
    I've noticed that lots of blogs that I've been looking at lately are all white. I hate white everything. We build houses for a living and that's not what people are building at all. I can't live in all white everything surroundings. I would go mad!! I'm glad to find a few blogs that are into color. I've read your blog several times and love it. Keep it up.

  11. Katie, so much here. First, on the white. I don't get it either. I hate white-everything. It's boring. And cold. I have never been one for trends, good or bad and somehow or other the people who come to my blog come for other reasons (because they're not getting that or a heck of a lot of home dec there!). I can't afford it. And I love the things I have, the stories, whatever. Yes, I'd like a new couch because I'm beginning to hate it, but it will have to wait. And I'm OK with that because I'd rather buy paints or books. A few years ago I went to a fundraising event in a very chi-chi neighborhood. The house -- all we could see (and we saw a lot) was ALL WHITE. I mean all. Walls. Carpet. Furniture (except the black piano.) A great view, yes. Some nice and fairly neutral art on the walls, some glass fronted cabinets with mostly pale pieces in it. Even the family room was white. They served white wine (which is fine) but no red because of the carpet. I asked if they ever served red and she laughed and said "No, too many possible problems." Now if they like white, fine. Their choice. But that's a horrible reason. I wonder if they ever eat red pasta? I should have asked. Point being. I don't get it either. That's why I love your space and so many others. I learn. My wild and crazy diverse collection of blogs has few on the home dec line and fewer who are advertisers. But they are all wild, wacky, thoughtful, spiritual, creative, wonderful people. I love every follower I have for exactly the same reason.

    On another front, I'm so sorry you are dealing with disappointments -- that is really tough. I hope things level out in your heart soon.

  12. Seems it's all geared toward young blogging moms or wanna be models or interior decorators! That's why I mostly follow women in the midlife age and above and particularly grandmother bloggers. Seems we have more in common.

  13. Katie, it seems a lot of us bloggers agree. I don't do all white, because I love color too much, but that doesn't mean that I don't follow and read ones that do. There are some that I only read, and do not comment, as I don't believe that if someone takes the time to read and comment, they do deserve an answer. I don't like the ones that don't take the time to answer back. I know they are mostly busy with young children but if they have time to write then they should have time to answer. I feel that young people do have great ideas and I have learned from a few, but I know that they snicker when they see my "parlor" and that doesn't sit well with me but that is OK! I have lived almost 80 years and am too set in my ways to let it bother me that much. I love to write and take photos and it is so much fun to share with everyone and I am able to do what I love. Especially being a grandmother! If I am too old fashioned to please anyone then that is on them. I don't do IG as I think the telephone is the worst invention ever made and should be used only for emergencies, and FB is another piece of work. That just leaves me blogging and I am happy to be here..Happy Tuesday..Judy.. I will be back to party!

  14. Hi Katie, I wanted to read this post. I agree with you on the white. I love color and changing things out. I guess I'm glad that I'm not on Instagram!! I am so sorry that you have disappointments. Hopefully things will get better. Thankfully we have FAITH and HOPE, which all leads to goodness, and to Our Lord, and Savior.
    Thank you for venting. We are here for you! Hugs to you, dear Katie!

  15. Katie, this post was so interesting! I'm sorry you've had such a hard time. I know waiting for prayers to be answered can be tough. Some of my greatest triumphs have come through the greatest heartbreaks so keep your chin up. I loved reading everyone's take on IG, decorating trends and all white rooms. As someone who has always loved neutrals (my dog is white, all of my cars have been white, I wear the same diamond studs and watch everyday which were milestone gifts from my parents years get the idea) I feel like I should stick up for us. I don't decorate with white because it's trendy. I do it because it's one of my favorite colors and because my life is so full - I just want a soft place to land when I get home. I adore people and homes that use color even if it's not for me because I love to see their personality shining through. I think we all should be creating a home and a life we love no matter what colors we're using or what's trendy. It's really all about celebrating the every day! Hugs, CoCo