Monday, March 4, 2019

Sharin' O' The Green Blog Hop/Some Spring Collectables

A huge thank you to Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home for hosting this blog hop.
 The timing is perfect as I have been playing with some green spring collectables.

It's greening up a little here in Texas which means planting season is around the corner.
Hopefully, our budding trees can withstand the freeze we are having. I can't wait for spring. 
If you are stopping in from, My Thrift Store Addiction. welcome. I love jadite and Cecilia's styling is alway darling.

The hutch in the garden room has had a few different looks since Christmas. I wanted to lighten things up from the red and black after Valentine's Day.

It was time to pull out my green dishes.

I have a mix of transferware, hotel china, and majolica ware.

Palissy Ware commonly known as Victorian Majolica differs from earlier majolica and is known for its naturalistic motifs. It was extremely sought after in the 80s and it fetched high prices. It's been highly copied. Most of my pieces are copies but spring is a perfect time to display some leafy looking Majolica plates. 

I've sprinkled a few birds and bunnies into the mix. 

I have one piece of Belleck for St. Patrick's Day.

A calendar plate from my grandparents is probably my favorite spring collectable. 
I tried to research the artist and couldn't find anything. The art is very similar to the style of Edith Holden. She was an Edwardian artist and was well known for her journals with sketches of animals and birds. I just discovered her. (I've been under a rock, I guess.) I'm sure she was featured in Victoria Magazine but I must have just missed that somehow. The bucolic style of her art is perfect with my vintage vignettes. 

It's hard to fathom that this little plate has survived 108 years. I've always adored having on display. 

My daughter's embroidery says it best.

Yup! That's darling. 
Thanks for stopping by. Be sure to stop in to visit Carol . Her house is always full of cute collectables. Stop in and see all the links listed below for spring green inspiration.
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  1. You have some fabulous vintage pieces and your vignettes are all so pretty.

  2. Hi Katie, you have some wonderful vintage pieces but the calendar plate is a real treasure. Love it!

  3. Your dishes are beautiful and so perfect for this time of year. I love how you mixed in the cute bunnies too!

  4. What a cute collection Katie! I adore that calender plate. Your daughters needle skills are fantastic.

  5. Well I'm green with envy! Those plates and pitchers and calendar plate are fantastic! LOVE THEM ALL!!! Beautiful styling.

  6. Katie, I love your pretty hutch display--lovely collection! Happy to be joining you on the hop today! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  7. OH that bunnies plate! Loving all of your beautiful dishes and green collectibles, Katie!

  8. I'm bringing out the green, the spring and the bunnies. I had an hour to kill before a blood test today and made the mistake of going to Home Goods. They are in full-bunny mode!

  9. You have so much nice green dishes. Your bunny calendar plate is incredible! I think I'd have to hang that on a wall to enjoy all year.

  10. I just adore all your vignettes! The green touches again the white plates and background makes it pop and it's so clean and crisp! So happy to be hopping with you!

  11. Such pretty dishes, Katie! Saw them at The Scoop just now! Would love to have you come and link-up at Homestyle Gathering, via My Wee Abode!

  12. Darling indeed! I am hyperventilating over all of your beautiful green dishes and treasures. The calendar plate is fabulous and I love how you have styled all your little spring green vignettes.

    Thank you so much for sharin' your green with us. Happy almost spring!

  13. Katie I love love love your collection of green pitchers and plates!! The plate from your Grandparents is so beautiful and such a keepsake! I also love the embroidery made by your daughter! So happy to be on this hop with you!!


  14. Your vignettes are so pretty! I love Majolica, it just says spring to me!!!!
    Have a great week!

  15. Katie, you have some beautiful dishes with green accents. Sadly, I’m not familiar with the collectibles but I do appreciate them. The one from your grandparents is especially cute. Thaks for sharing your pretty displays.

  16. Katie,
    I knew you would have great green things to share because of your love of green. This was a perfect blog hop for you!


  17. I love all of your green dishes!!! Such fun green inspiration for St. Patrick’s Day!
    ~Emily @

  18. I absolutely love all of your green dishes. And your daughter's embroidery is lovely.

    Have a great day.

  19. In Maine, they say, "That's cunning." instead of darling! Loved all your green, but espeically your calendar plate. I, too, have 1 piece of Beleek (an Evangeline pitcher); my ex is Irish and one year I made a hit with his mother by buying her a Beleek creamer and sugarer set. I knew it was a hit because she displayed it on the mantel! Around St. Patrick's Day, I got called Kathleen as my last name then was O'Malley!

  20. Katie, I love the mixture of different shades of green. The pitchers especially stole my heart! The calendar plate is a priceless heirloom for sure!!

  21. I am absolutely smitten with your green collection of dishes. Green is my favorite color. I am at the beach right now with tons of thrift stores. I'm going out searching for green transferware!!

  22. You have a beautiful collection of green dishes. I love all your vignettes. Very pretty.

  23. I love your restaurant ware with the green. I'd love to add some of those to my already too full dishes stash! Isn't it nice to look at something totally different when the seasons change? Your collection is so fresh!

  24. Wonderful green dishes and stunning vignettes.Hugs.