Sunday, July 28, 2019

A Therapeutic Shopping And Early Fall Haul

Good Morning, friends!
How are you?
I'd been laying low this past week out of pure exhaustion. 
Trauma can cause that, I think. It was also caused by two weeks of flooring removal, cleaning, tiling etc.

I've tried to chill out in order to keep the dog calm. Now that she feels better, she's moving around too much which opened a wound. They wanted these to drain but it's so gross.
I have never been a Florence Nightingale.
We have no floors downstairs which ended up being a blessing.

In order to keep myself entertained, I watched a few decor YouTubers. 
Just a side note - the stuff that they make out of Dollar Tree items is a little mind boggling.
How do they come up with it?

When I'm not seeking free therapy from my hair dresser, dry cleaner, floor measurer, or landscape guy, I go shopping. Shopping is very therapeutic.
I blame the YouTubers and their "Shop With Me" videos.
Auntie Coo Coo is a great channel for that. Her voice is so relaxing. It's super helpful to know what is on the shelves in the bigger craft and decor stores.

 Instead of going completely hermit, I did get out to run a few errands.
My first stop was Joann's.

White sunflowers were near the top of my shopping list.
It breaks one of my decorating rules, but I'm pretending this is what sunflowers would look like if they dried well. They do not.
This rule is going to be broken even though I like faux flowers to be true to color.
They were 30% off.

Earlier this spring, they had a bunch of woven pillow tops for $36.00.
That was too pricey for me but now they were 50% plus an additional 15% off.
It wasn't a great deal but this sunflower is super cute.

Black and white buffalo check was at the top of my  list.
This nice check will become some pumpkins.

The house candle holder was from the spring shop. It was 70% off so it was only $6.38.

The little house succulent planter was only a couple of dollars. It was also from the spring line.

Some poppy stems were the last find from Joann's. They were deeply discounted.

In a complete shopping delight, Kirkland's is right next to my Joann's.

A YouTuber hauled this darling garland. She thought it would disappear quickly from the shelves.
I agree, so I picked it up when I saw it.

Adorable. It was not on sale but it's the spring board for my fall decor.

I also stopped in at my thrift store.
This coral stem of flowers was only $1.00.

They also had this adorable nest. It was $3.50.

It matches the stuff I found at the Raz Import Warehouse Sale so I do think it's from them.

The ruby red bowl was only a couple of dollars.

Their puzzles aren't a fabulous deal but I love these with an old fashioned scene.
They are typically easy and fun to do.

This adorable pitcher was $1.40.
It's got a tiny chip but it was too cute to pass up.

Last but not least, they had this adorable rooster on the shelf behind the register. That spot is reserved for their better items.
He's in perfect condition. No chips or cracks anywhere. He's still got his original Royal Copley sticker.
For only $10.50, he was too cute to pass up.

That is all for now.
I'll be back to post about some of the cute stuff I saw but didn't buy.
Have a great day.


  1. Your new little rooster is too cute! A few years ago when the white sunflowers came out I was obsessed with finding some. It took forever but I finally did. I ran into them this weekend in a basement tub, so they'll be showing up soon. There's just something about them. I'm going to check out the link for shopping. Heaven knows I need to get out more. really truly, the heat this time of year makes me blah.

  2. Hi Katie,
    Love the white sunflowers too. I just cannot wrap my head around fall things just yet. I feel like we just got our summer here in the midwest. So I need more time to enjoy summer flowers. I know fall is on its way and I see it in all the stores and market shops. You got some great things. Glad your pup is doing better.

  3. So happy your fur baby is doing better. Also, my favorite from your shopping trip is the succulent in the little house. How cute. And now for my negative side - I can't for the life of me imagine why someone would take precious time to "create" that horrible stuff from Dollar Tree. Just because you can doesn't always mean you should.

  4. You scored some great pieces. Happy your baby is doing better. After all the work you have been doing you deserve some R&R


  5. You found some wonderful things! Hobby Lobby was LOADED with black and white check and I thought of you! SO glad to get good Dog News! No wonder you were exhausted!

  6. Cute stuff! Hope your dog heals up soon. Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Blog Hop at My Flagstaff Home! --Jennifer

  7. Cute finds! I tend to buy so many floral pieces I run out of places to store/put them all.

  8. I agree--shopping IS therapeutic! I adore your Royal Copley rooster. Great find! Thanks for sharing at Vintage Charm--pinning!