Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Keep In Touch #77 and Story Time

Bill and I spent a whirlwind two weeks giving the downstairs bathroom a mini redo. 
On Sunday July 7th, Bill pulled up the toilet so that the handyman could remove the tile floor the next day. 
I had no idea we were that dependent on our downstairs potty so we wanted to get it back on quickly.
The floor was removed on Monday. I never liked the vanity. As well, the new vanity top had yellowed considerably in 6 years.  When new, it was a lovely cream quartzite. It turned into a terrible mustard gold. I will never have quartzite again.
I gave it to my handyman. Hopefully, he can use it on his farm. 
Bill needed to finish cleaning up the mastic on the floor, which he did on Saturday the 13th. 
I was going to begin tiling on Monday the 15th.  We had purchased the floor but when I laid a few floor tiles down, I didn't like how completely mat they were. My brother was here visiting. Sunday afternoon, we drove him home, returned the tile and picked a different tile.  
I set up the tile saw on Monday morning to make my first cuts. The wet saw was chipping the heck out of the tile so I headed to Home Depot to pick up a new saw.  
It took two 6 hours days to tile the floor. On Wednesday night, I grouted. I noticed a slight dip in one of the tiles around the toilet. I must have leaned on it before it was dry. It was dry now so there was no leveling it. Rather than flip out that it would affect how the toilet was seated, I decided to forget about it. Bill was out of town and there was nothing that could be done about it until he got back. 
(When he got back, he thought it'd be fine. Whew!) 

Bill seated the toilet on Saturday morning the 20th. We had our toilet back. I breathed a big sigh of relief that the toilet was level. 
He also started cutting and putting the baseboards back on. 
Saturday afternoon, we headed to Seconds and Surplus to pick out a vanity. 
It took about 10 minute and we both loved a black one with a white marble top. 
He went to move it in place and the plumbing was too low. I asked about the plumbing at the store. He was thinking about the centering of it and didn't think about how high on the wall it was. 
We had a few "Granny and Grandpa" moments as we gritched and bickered back and forth for a minute. We quickly realized that Bill has the skills to remake the back of the vanity to account for the plumbing. We were tired and needed to rest. 
He formulated a plan and cut what he could Saturday night. 
On Sunday he resumed floor molding and hooked up any plumbing that he could before church. 
We went to church to confess our gritching at each other. (Kidding - not kidding)
After lunch he finished the drain and put the vanity in place. When he went to put in the drawer it wouldn't close all the way. He did anticipate this but he had hoped it would close. He took the drawer out to the garage and made a box for it. 

He cut out the back and bottom and attached the box and drawer slid in all the way. His part was done. I'm going to paint it black to match. 
He left to run errands. I caulked and painted the baseboards, touched up the wall color and continued to scrape any remaining mastic off of the floor. 
The two week makeover was done. Everything was cleaned up as far as the bathroom was concerned. 

He came home and I cooked dinner. We were about to sit down and rest for the remainder of the evening. 
The dog had been cooped all weekend so Bill took her out front to tee tee in our front yard.
We have done this hundreds of times. She is usually really good about staying with Bill.
I was sweeping the laundry room and all of a sudden I heard this horrible screaming, yelling and growling. I had just seen a lady and her small dog walk by the house. I thought Dixie and that small dog had gotten into it. I ran out of the house with the broom in my hand prepared to swat Dixie with it. 
When I got around the driveway, I saw Bill, a neighbor, Dixie and a big dog all scuffling. A pit bull had Dixie by the throat. I immediately started hitting the dog with the broom trying to get the dog off of my dog. I hit the dog four times. It did nothing. 
Neighbors, hearing the screaming, started coming out of their homes. My neighbor, Diane. Ran up to the pit and kicked the crap out of it. The pit let go of Dixie and Dixie started to run off. I ran after her with the broom to shuttle her into the house. 
I got her in the house and ran back out to check on Bill. I had visions of him getting mauled by the dog. He was fine and we ran into the house. Dixie had some blood on her neck. Bill swept her into the truck to take her to the emergency clinic which is 5 minutes away. 
I lost it. I wailed like a person had died. I was so scared. Adrenaline was pumping, I was crying. I laid down on the front yard and just wept. 
My super hero- the dog kicker, swooped in to make sure that I was okay. (other neighbors were seeing  to me and to the other dog owner because she was melting down too). Diane took me into the house, helped me find my phone so I'd be ready when Bill called from the animal hospital. I cleaned up my face and pulled myself together. I was very concerned about the other lady so we went outside to check on her. She seemed okay. The pit seemed okay. The small crowd began to disperse. 
I couldn't rest so I changed and went to the hospital. 
Dixie had three deep puncture wounds and deep bruising but no other effects (like a punctured larynx etc.) 
They gave her high powered pain meds, and two antibiotics. 
I stayed by her side until about 2 a.m. Bill got up at 4 a.m. 

Yesterday, I called our vet and took her up to be rechecked. They said she was where she should be 18 hours into an injury like this. 
By last night, she had taken two doses of her medicine, peed, eaten a little, drank some water and allowed us to put a compress on her wound. 

People have asked if the owner of the pit is going to pay our vet bills. 
First of all let me say that I'm very thankful that we are in a place where vet bills aren't part of the crisis. We've been in that position before and I'm so glad that we don't have to worry about that this time. 
Secondly, the other dog was on a leash. Our dog was not. 
According to Bill, they walked out front. Dixie began to run to the other dog. Bill yelled for her to stop and she did. By this point they were to the left of our driveway in front of the next door neighbor's house. 
The lady started to bring her dog toward Dixie. Bill told her not to but she did. Her dog sniffed Dixie and Dixie growled. I guess then the dog attacked. 
The other dog owner lives down the street and we had never seen her before or met. She feels horrible about it. We feel horrible about it. She has been kind to check on us. 

This morning I woke up to a dog that was wagging her tail! 
Bill commented last night that it only takes an instant and your life can change. 
Our focus went from "bathroom remodel exhaustion" to worrying if our empty nest dog would be taken from us. 
Suddenly new floors and vanities aren't important at all. 
Our neighbors are rock stars. We haven't had a crisis in a long while and a crisis brings out the village. 
19 years ago we had a crisis in the neighborhood. Little Sydney, as a one year old, was bit by her dog. We gathered around Diane and Doug and prayed as they got her to the hospital. 19 years later, Diane rescued my dog and Sydney assisted in this crisis. Both were crying over my dog and showing empathy to me. 
I don't know why I say this but it all went full circle. 
I don't relate this story to shame the other dog owner, Bill, or owners of pit bulls. 
I tell it like it is on my blog. My blog is my journal.
We made a mistake every time we let our dog out front without a leash.
The consequences could have been devastating. 
Thank you for sticking with to this story until the end.
 It's the story of the bathroom but it's also a dog story. I know, it's a little discombobulated and I'm sorry for that. 
I didn't realize how deeply attached I am to Dixie. 
I still see the whole thing when I close my eyes. 
We are very blessed. 

I haven't had a chance to visit your blogs. I will do that and pick some features and post them separately.
Today is about rest for Dixie and I. 
Until then, thank you, friends. 
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  1. I am thankful that your Dixie survived her run in with the other dog. About 17 or 18 years ago, two pit bulls jumped into our fenced back yard and attacked and killed our sweet, deaf, nearly 15 year old Sheltie. Our Sheltie, Dandy, died a horrible death after being mauled and terribly bitten. Our big Giant Collie was attacked by the pit bulls in the same incident. He survived because the pit bulls couldn't get a good grasp on his neck because of his full Collie ruff, the pits had been unable to tear his neck open like they did the little Sheltie, however one of the pits was able to bite our Collie's skull and our Collie, Lancelot, needed many stitches to close it. Lancelot's big white ruff was soaked in blood, but not from his neck, we think from his head wound. My dogs were in their own fenced back yard when this happened. The neighbor who we thought owned the pits, because we had seen those dogs in his yard many times before the incident, claimed they weren't his dogs. So nothing ever happened to the person I feel sure was the owner of the Pits. Since that incident, I am absolutely terrified of Pitbulls, or even dogs that look like them. I have been a dog lover all of my life. I know that pitbull owners love their dogs as much as I love mine, but I can't get over my fear of them. Pitbull owners always say it depends on the owner and how they are raised. They are probably correct, but I am still terrified all of these years later. The damage those Pits did to my sweet dogs is an indelible memory.

    I hope your dog continues to heal perfectly and quickly.

    1. I am so sorry. Your poor, sweet puppies. I think that I'll be afraid of them for a long time. It was horrible.

  2. Wow your bathroom looks great considering that you and your husband did the work yourselves! You save so much money that way! I am so happy to hear that your dog is ok and on the mend. Thanks for hosting the party this week as I appreciate it. Take care.

  3. I am glad that your dog is ok. My brother-in-law was fostering a pit who seemed fine and was fine for a long time. Then one day he came home and the pit had killed his elderly lab. If I'm walking Sherman and I see a pit, I won't let him near it.

  4. Katie, first -- your hard work really paid off! The bathroom looks lovely. Second -- Oh no! I'm so very sorry this happened. It was such a traumatic event for all three of you that won't easily be forgotten. Dogs are family, with a bond that can't be broken. I'm so glad that Dixie seems to be recovering and healing. I hope that she heals emotionally as well. Best wishes.

    1. Thank you, Sandra. Dixie and I both rested and relaxed all day.

  5. Katie,
    As I kept reading about your sweet Dixie, i kept saying O My God!! I was horrified at the scene you recounted to us.... I applaud you for calling it like it is and not blaming anyone or one breed and setting an example for all dog owners to have their dog on a leash. Here it is a ordinance or law or whatever you call it that all dogs need to be on a leash and it is strictly enforced in all municipalities. I am so thankful that Dixie is doing well and no one or no dog was seriously hurt. Thanks so much for hosting and by the way, your bathroom is lovely!!

  6. oh Katie, I'm so sorry you all had to go thru this horrible situation and poor Dixie. I'm so glad she's on the mend and doing better. These kind of things put things in perspective, huh? Glad you had some comfort from your neighbors, my heart was pounding as I read this. Your bathroom is totally amazing, are you guys sure you want to move? I didn't know you were such a tile wizard. LOVE that black vanity too!

    1. Debra, I never want to tile again. Bathrooms around the toilet are stressful. We love the vanity. Thank you for your sweet words about our Dixie. She is almost our constant companion. I always felt safe when she was walking with me. I'm not sure what we'll do in the future. I may get pepper spray.

  7. Oh my word, Katie, I can certainly have empathy with all that happened to your poor Dixie. I'm also thankful that Dixie is doing so well after all that. Your neighbors are wonderful souls to show such love and compassion to you, and I know you and Bill are grateful. Thank you for sharing the story with us, and btw, your bathroom looks super fabulous! You and Bill make a great team!!

    1. Thank you, Kitty. We are very grateful for many things. It really makes us appreciate so much.

  8. Oh I am SO glad that Dixie is okay. My little rat terrier survived an attack by a German Shepherd many years ago...I was seven years old and remember it vividly. Absolutely terrifying. I would have lost my mind seeing that happen to our Sophie. I understand. Just love on her!
    PS Your bathroom is gorgeous!!

    1. I keep seeing it too. I hope that goes away soon.

  9. Katie, I'm so glad that Dixie (and all of you) are OK. Accidents can happen so quickly and sometimes it is impossible to see them coming. My cousin't little poodle was killed by another dog when they were on a walk. She was on a leash and the other dog was a fox terrier. You just never know. I'm glad that you and the other owner feel for each other. It really isn't anyone's fault. Your bath looks beautiful. Love your choice of tile and you are amazing, in my book, that you can do that stuff..Happy Tuesday..Judy

    1. Thank you, Judy. Your poor cousin. How terrifying.

  10. Katie my heart was pounding reading this story. Not to mention I gasped and cried. I know you have a kind heart. My husband and I say never ever trust a Pitbull. They can grab and kill in seconds.

    Our vet won't let them be in his office without a muzzle for the safety of other dogs. I can't imagine how you felt for one second.

    Reading I couldn't breathe you must have been horrified. I'm relieved everything is okay now. Life does come into perspective when something like this happens.

    All the pretty in the world can't compare to the love we feel for our babies.

    Thanks for hosting a party. Not participating I came for my visit.


    Cindy 🐾🐾🐾🐾


    1. Thank you, Cindy. Thank you so much for your empathetic words.

  11. Oh my goodness, this is so scary. My tears were welling up reading about this event. It is something I am always afraid with my dog. We just rescued him four months ago and while he is a sweetheart we do not know how he will react in some situations. Plus he is 50 lbs--and I pray that me at 6'1" can control him in a situation like this. Happy that Dixie is on the mend.

  12. Oh Katie, I'm just catching up on this now and was holding my breath as I read it. I can only imagine the terror of seeing your beloved Dixie in the clutches of the other dog. It's every pet owner's nightmare. They are a four-legged children. I am so grateful for good veterinary care, quick decisions, strong and wonderful neighbors and the resources to be able to respond with less financial worry than some might have. But most of all, I am grateful your Dixie is back with you and will be all right.

    I was going to say how much I admire you for all your hard work on the house -- Rick and I would kill each other with that project. But you're right -- compared to the the thought of losing Dixie, it becomes of far less consequence. Gratitude thoughts flying.

  13. I am so sorry about this! I hope your fur baby is on the mend!