Saturday, August 3, 2019

Late Summer Decorating Themes

School supplies have hit the shelves. The stores have their fall decor in stock. Hobby Lobby already seems a little picked over. 
Several YouTubers have begun fall projects and I've embarked on a few. See this post.  
It's time for me to make a change in our decor but it's way, way too early to add pumpkins, squirrels, owls, and scarecrows.

I start to crave warmer tones but those tones are not my favorite so too much this early and I'll be sick of it by Thanksgiving. There is always some tweaking to our late summer decor this time of year.
It might be the preschool teacher in me but you know that I love creating a good theme. 
Here are some fun themes to tide me over until pumpkin spice latte time. 


My classroom was decorated in sunflowers for several years. I love sprinkling them about the house in August. 

I'll mix real bouquets in with the faux. Grocery stores have good sunflower mixes this time of year.

Bees are a great accent to my sunflower decor. 

Corn Cobs:
Several years ago, I came across a corn cob collection at the thrift store. 
I knew they could be a cute decorating theme.

Farmer's Market: 
Farm stands are abundant this time of year.



If you don't like themes begin adding vibrant and jewel tone florals.

Bring greenery into your home.

Late summer inspiration is all around.
Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. I love sunflowers for summer and fall. They mix so pretty with so many other colors of flowers.
    Have a great weekend. I am hanging on to summer as long as I can. I know fall is everywhere but with moving and now getting things done in the new house I feel like I am missing summer. Here in the midwest we do not get a long summer so I cherish every day. Have a great weekend.

  2. Happy Weekend to you, Katie, and happy August. I love sunflowers and have them out and about here as well. Love the bee theme too!

  3. Love all your late Summer decorating!! I am itching to decorate for Fall but I will not do that until after Labor Day!!

  4. Loved all your little vignettes! I am still looking for a red truck for cheap! I want to load it with pumpkins, bottle brush trees, Easter eggs, etc.! I, too, love sunflowers for late summer into fall; they are such cheerful flowers.

  5. Sunflowers and bees both scream AUGUST to me! I love every image, Katie!