Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Holiday Door Decor Blog Hop/The Traditional Wreath

Welcome to the Holiday Door Decor Blog Hop. 
I'm thrilled that you are here. 

Many thanks to Amber from Follow The Yellow Brick Home for putting this together. She hosts such wonderful hops. I know you will be inspired. See the other bloggers at the end of my post.

If you are coming from County Road 407,  welcome. Cindy is a wonderful blogging friend. Did you enjoy her darling Farmhouse wreath? 
I know the last week was probably hectic for all of you. It has been for me. I got a jump start on my indoor Christmas decorating but I wasn't about to do any outside decorating until the turkey carcass was in the trash. I was hosting AND my neighbor across the street has firm beliefs when it comes to premature Christmas decorating. I did start turning on my outside lights a week before Thanksgiving- much to his annoyance. Haha. I kind of got a kick out of it.
His daughters wanted to turn their outside lights on but their husbands kept ratting them out to their dad.  
Family drama. Haha. 

Well, the leftovers are stashed in the freezer until I finally throw them away at Mother's Day.
Anybody else have a freezer like that?
It stopped raining. It was time to pull out our new wreath. 

I'd like to say that I get super creative concerning my door decor but that would not be the truth. 
I always keep it super traditional and use a wreath. It was on sale this summer at the Christmas store. The old wreath from Walmart finally bit the dust last year. 
This wreath has got a lot of good things going on. I love the pine cones, berries, ferns, vines and flocking. 
I'm not sure that the flocking on this one will withstand the weather though. We'll see. 

The berries are foam so they may disintegrate in the rain. In my defense, we were in the middle of a flash drought when I bought it. 

 This year, I filled my flower pots with boxwoods. The builder put boxwoods all along the front of the house but after 25 years they were very overgrown. We pulled them up and planted some shrubs that will stay smaller. I've missed them for clippings so I picked up five Japanese boxwoods for different pots this winter. I'll transplant them to the flower bed in the spring. There should be plenty of clippings in a year or two. 

The darling sheep came from Home Goods several years ago. I just love it. The lantern is from Tuesday Morning. It would be perfect if it had a timer but it doesn't. 

There's not a lot of room in between the top of the door and the shelf. We love this door but it makes decor a little limited. That's why I stick to a wreath for door decor. 

The wreath came without ribbons. I put some black and white buffalo check and some Stewart plaid together and made a bow. 
It matches the ribbon on the tree in the living room. 

I can't wait to show you where my plaid and check infatuation has taken me this year.
That's it for now. I'm glad it's safe to decorate the outside for Christmas.
Be sure to stop in to see my friend, Judith @ Botanic Bleu. She is always up to something gorgeous. 
The rest of the links are listed below. 
Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Your home looks festive and welcoming for Christmas guests. I have a front door like yours at our lake house and that design does make hanging a wreath difficult. The wreath that you found looks great.

  2. Love the wreath you found and the black and white ribbon reminds me of you. I know you use it often.

    I didn't dare decorate outside until the carcus was in the garbage either.


  3. Katie what a beautiful way to welcome guests to your home! Your gorgeous door is always a favorite. I love your festive wreath and your garland too. It's all really pretty. I would have never thought to mix plaids the way you did - it looks great! Hugs, CoCo

  4. What a cute wreath! I love the tartan and buffalo plaid together. May your days be merry and bright!

  5. First of all I love that amazing door. it's so interesting, but I hear you when there's no covering and the door takes all the elements. Such a cute way to use the ribbon on your wreath. I love using two different types for a wonderful farmhouse look. aaaaahhh neighbors... decorate when you want. I used to have a neighbor that put up their tree at the end of October.

  6. Your wreath was a great find and looks so pretty on that very handsome door. Love the mix of patterns on your ribbons. Gingham is always a fun touch!

  7. Your wreath is so pretty and the perfect size for your door. I love the plaid ribbons - always so festive this time of year! Happy December!

  8. I'm glad that you didn't care what your neighbor thought and started turning on your lights a week before December - LOL! I bet he was fuming. ;) Love your wreath with the added mixed bows. My mind doesn't think that way so when I saw your wreath I LOVED IT! And yes, we have a freezer like yours. I bet there's crap in there from 2010. Merry Christmas

  9. I need to come over for a wreath making class!!!

  10. I'm loving the checked ribbon with the plaid for a festive touch, Katie!

  11. It's so festive, Katie, and I like how you tied in your checks with the inside as well. I've thought a lot about the TG thing -- it's one thing to not get stuff out when it's very early like last year. But this year it was as late as could be. If that's all your neighbor has to worry about, then the rest of his life must be pretty easy. Or pretty bad!

  12. Katie, I love the combination of ribbons on your traditional wreath. The sheep is darling! Have a beautiful Christmas season! Blessings, Cecilia @My Thrift Store Addiction

  13. Katie I have always loved your pretty wood front door and now it is even prettier with the wreath.
    Have a great week.

  14. Love your wreath on your beautiful front door. Your neighbor can do what he wants at his house, but at your house you get to do what you want. Fa-la-la-la-la... Cindy at Country Road and Laura at Decor to Adore have also said they plan to stop on Saturday for my Christmas sale. If you three plan ahead, you may get to see one another! What fun... a mini blogger gathering.


  15. Katie,
    I so enjoy reading your posts as you keep it real and I love your sense of humor as it is very similar to mine!! I love this sweet wreath!! Very pretty! I will admit that the pansies in our pot on the front porch threw me!!Living in NEPA, we have no flowers for Christmas and if you visit my post on m Dining Room , you will see that we are blanketed with the prettiest snow fall that I think I have ever seen....

  16. Hi Katie,
    Your home looks so festive and welcoming! I love your new wreath and the sheep is absolutely darling!

  17. Katie, the wreath looks perfect on your sweet door! I have a thing for sheep. Love him outside!!

  18. Your door and wreath are gorgeous! I just love how you blended 2 different plaid ribbons. I'm so mad for plaid.

  19. I love your wreath, Katie! The mix of ribbons is SO pretty! I would never have thought to do that...but I am inspired!

  20. Your wreath and porch are gorgeous! I have been mad for plaid too this season. I’ve got it everywhere! Merry Christmas!!!

  21. Your wreath and porch look adorable! That little lamb is the sweetest! You can use it for Christmas and Easter. I want one!

    I love the plaid and check ribbon you made and I think the size of the wreath is perfect for your door.

    No leftovers here! I have an active 14 year old and my 26 year old is home, both are working on weight training. All the food got wiped out in less than two days!

  22. Oh, I forgot to add, Thank you for joining the hop. Merry Christmas!