Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Christmas Kitchen

The Christmas kitchen has been a process this year. 
I've been doing a lot of moving around and tweaking. 
I'm just not feeling a lot of excess in here. 

I ordered some new valances off of eBay back on October. 
Black and white is so cute around Halloween but I knew that they would be cute at Christmas too. 

An old ornament by Martha Stewart got an update with black and white checked craft paper. 

A volunteer yaupon holly, now tree sized provides ample cuttings at Christmas. A volunteer is something that isn't planted by humans. It springs up from a seed dropped by birds or other animals. 
The cedar waxwings and robins will be through the area in January to eat the berries. 
They will strip it clean in a matter of hours. 
I popped the greens in a white pitcher. 

Friendly Village by Johnson Brothers is our china of choice this December. 
Okay, let's be honest, Bill doesn't care what we eat off of.
It was the best choice to go with the new curtains. 

On the top shelf, three gingerbread men dance in a recipe box from my mother in law. 
A faux cupcake rests on the cupcake stand.  

A ribbon on the wreath above the stove matches the valances.

Bill bought the green Le Creuset dutch oven for the bread that he makes.  
How perfect is that color? 

The dish towel is from IKEA last year. 

It must be extraordinarily dry this year because the greens lasted a few days. 
Nope. I don't have time to replace greens every few days. 
The little cottage was added to the tree instead. 

This darling tree is Peacock Park Design
I picked up at an after Christmas sale a couple of years ago. 
It's so unique which is kind of their mission. 
I added fairy lights to it. 
The jolly gingerbread ornaments add an unmistakeable Christmas touch. 

The wooden holly leaves are from Joann's. 

I was fortunate enough to snag a Pioneer Woman cake stand from Walmart. 
It was a return and had only been back on the shelf for a few days. 
This reproduction Jadeite stand is going to be a favorite around here. I've styled three times already for blog posts.  
The cottage is old from Walmart. The tree candle was thrifted. 

Thanks so much for stopping by to see our Christmas kitchen. 
It's hasn't seen any baking action yet but it will! 


  1. Looks beautiful Katie. I love your pretty kitchen and all your Christmas decor makes it look even better. Have a great week.

  2. Just the right amount of "Christmas" in your kitchen. I did a lot less myself this year. Love those wonderful open shelves and your jadite cake plate!

  3. Your kitchen looks so pretty. I have the Friendly Village dishes too, aren't they great?


  4. your kitchen looks so new and clean
    I like your jadite cake plate also since I have one also and plan on using it as much as you do
    Merry Christmas

  5. I love it, Katie. I'm over excessed and it's beginning to bug me! Never have I thought "I should take down half of this." This is kind of perfect!

  6. Your kitchen looks wonderful, Katie! You were lucky to get that PW cake stand, and you've styled so perfectly.

  7. Katie, your kitchen and all the rest look so pretty and festive. I love those open shelves in the kitchen. If my dad hadn't made our cabinets I would tear some out in a heart beat and add some open shelving. I signed up two posts this time. Hope that is OK. I didn't make last weeks party. My schedule is all thrown off because I am posting more than just once a week for the holidays..Happy Thursday..Judy