Sunday, March 1, 2020

French and English Finds

Happy Sunday to you. 
Bill and I took a trip out to East Texas a few weeks ago. 

He fished, I walked, we read and we relaxed. 
We took a trip to Quitman, Texas as part of that relaxation strategy. 
We found a store called Antique Marketplace on Main. 
I like antique stores that are set up vignette style. There is furniture but knick knacks adorn the furniture. Those types of displays are a feast for the eyes and it makes the hunt a challenge. 
Do you know what I mean? 
This wasn't like that. I immediately dismissed the store because it was lined with 6 rows of furniture. There were three rows of furniture each on each side of a center aisle. 
We don't need lot of furniture but Bill needed a new bedside table. 
Bill quickly assessed that if we couldn't find a nightstand in this store, we couldn't find one anywhere. 
I quickly assessed that there were antiques from France! My opinion changed in an instant.  
The prices were cheap, cheap, cheap. 
We soon realized that this store was so reasonably priced that it would be a great place to find upgrades to our existing furniture. I think I'll do a post on which pieces we would upgrade, if given the right piece. This dealer has pickers in France and England and they ship it over in containers. 
The containers come into Houston Harbor and then he hauls it up to his shop. 
Bill and I picked and gleaned for about an hour and a half. 
After assembling a small pile, we took a lunch break. That's how good it was.
We needed refueling. 

In the end we couldn't decide on any furniture upgrades because we would have had to rent a Uhaul to get it home. However, we found some treasures. 

This French mirror was $69.00

We found a fireplace screen for our new mantel

It was priced at around $70.00. It is English, I think. 

I grabbed this reproduction salt box. It was $9.99. A true French example can run about $100.00. This will stand in until I can find a true French antique. 

There were quite a few French copper pots. 
They were all $24.00. I picked the one with the best tin inside. 

Look at the difference between the bigger French copper pot and U.S.A. Paul Revere copper. 
The copper is so rich and beautiful on the French pot.  

In one of the back rooms, I spied a couple of cardboard boxes with fabric spilling out. 

I went digging. 
I found this red and white gingham which h gave to me for free.  When I went back for a second dig, I found this darling French tapestry for $7.50. 

It's now a little pillow.

You will see more of our spring bedding in another post. 

After lunch, we settled on a night stand. 
In many ways it is perfect. 

The lines and the color are spot on. 
Bill just feels that he needs a tiny bit more room. We are looking to get him a plant stand for his fan. 
They had plant stands in Quitman. 

We also got this gorgeous tureen. 

It was $30.00. It is missing the lid and it has a bit of crazing on the inside but I thought it was stunning. 

It reminded me of the rug we'd seen at IKEA. We ran by to pick one up. 
I just love this look for spring. 

There you have it. Thanks for stopping in to see all of our French and English Finds. 
Have a great day. 
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  1. Katie, you found some really beautiful things. I love that tureen and that's how you do it. Little by little you keep picking things up and before you know it you have a houseful! haha, but isn't it a fun job?..xxoJudy

  2. Another great store in Quitman is Three French Hens.

  3. OH my gosh you scored on all of those treasures. I love the mirror and the tureen is so pretty planted. Love love love your fireplace screen. That is so gorgeous. Great trip fun, relaxing and scoring great treasures. Happy New Week.

  4. I love the copper pot and what a GOOD price

  5. Such beautiful finds! I love the tapestry pillow and the pretty mirror. Great prices on the copper! It all looks so nice in your lovely home. x Karen

  6. what great finds or as I like to call them treasures. Thanks for sharing come see us at

  7. Unbelievable. WONDERFUL finds. Just incredible. That tapestry. Oh, an the salt box and copper. I would die.

  8. My, Katie, you and Bill sure found something great treasures!!! I’d love to visit that store!

  9. Katie,
    You found so many gorgeous things!! Lucky you!! Tanks so much for stopping by!!

  10. Sounds like a wonderful, relaxing trip. What a great place to shop and you found wonderful things. Would make a great field trip.

  11. What a fun adventure! Maybe I need a trip to east TX! Happy March!

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