Monday, April 13, 2020

A Garden Themed Tree

I hope that you had a good Easter weekend. 
We did. 
In the last few weeks I've been collating items to go on the tree in the living room. 

The Easter decor came off of it after brunch and church yesterday. I realize the day wasn't over but that's how I roll. 
I love garden themed chotskies and have amassed a fun collection of stuff. I knew that a garden themed tree would be fun for post Easter spring decor. 
Do you leave your bunnies out after Easter? Ours get packed up as they have already had a month to shine. 

The ribbon and the florals stayed the same on the tree. 

Watering cans, pick ups, wheel barrows, nests, bird houses, flower pots and gardening gloves dot the tree. 
The child's watering can was a First Monday Trade Days find. It was a part of my bee display last spring. I knew it would be a star. 

I made the bee skep last year for that same display. 

Some of the little galvanized watering cans were from my big 60 birthday party. 
The others I've had for a long time. 

I raided the fairy garden tote. 

The welcome house came from Dollar Tree last year. 

A bigger tree house was nestled into the branches. 
Gnomes and mushrooms were sprinkled through out. 

A white pick up bed is filled with radishes carrots and mini garden tools. 

 I made a few altered art dioramas on Saturday. It was cold and rainy so that was a perfect activity.  

Jewelry box lids make good little frames for ornaments. 

The green house came from Joann's last fall. It is just too perfect for this tree. 

I ordered two Old World Christmas ornaments off of eBay last week. 
The wheel barrow came today. 

A watering can filled with flowers is on the way now. 

This would be so cute in a flower shop. 
Bill asked me how long I was going to leave this up. 
It may stay up until this virus is history. 
It has been a rainy gloomy spring and this tree brings a little sparkle to the corner of the living room. 

I started re-slipcovering the couch. 
I did all of the cushions this morning.
Tomorrow or Wednesday I'll do the body of it. 
There's a lot of pinning and sewing and I just couldn't seem to muster up the courage to do it all in one day. 
Last time I used drop cloths. This time the fabric is Duck Canvas from Joann's. 
They look a bit yellow on camera but it really is an unbleached natural.
That is what I've been up to.

See you soon!  


  1. HI Katie, Love it! I love that white pickup truck.
    Happy Monday. Are we all getting antsy? laura

  2. This is awfully cute, Katie. And I'm very impressed with the slip covering. I'd love to do that and haven't a clue! My bunnies stay out through spring (the more rustic ones, not the ones that scream Easter!!! Those will bid farewell later this week.

  3. Love this sweet tree. Wow I am in awe that you can make your own slipcovers. You go girl.
    Have a great week.