Saturday, April 4, 2020

Semi Annual Closet Switch/ Pansy Decor

Happy Sunday.
It was warm for a couple of days last week. I foolishly thought winter was over. 
It got cold again on Friday. It didn't freeze so I didn't have to cover plants but it was a chilly 42 degrees. It was raining on Friday morning which seemed a perfect time to tackle my closet. 

My out of season clothes are stored in the baskets on the top shelf. I pulled them down. 
Unearthed my fun summer dresses and hung them all up. 

My favorite little tops were all rearranged by color. 

I wanted a tray to corral smaller things and remembered a fun tray that I found in Round Top. 
A pansy theme was born. 
Some clipped pansies from the yard are in a votive holder vase. 
Shallow vases are perfect for pansies. This one came from Hobby Lobby? Maybe? 

Pansies remind me of my grandmother. I remember weeding with her at their lake house in Wisconsin. 
She patiently taught me what were weeds and what were flowers. 
I distinctly remember weeding around the pansies and asparagus. She was an amazing gardener. 

I shopped the house for anything with pansies on it. 
This pansy poster came from Laurieanna's Vintage Home in Canton, Texas. 
She has these posters in so many motifs and they are only $2.99 each. 

When I was little, purple was my favorite color. It was also my grandmother's favorite color. 

I love the touches of purple in here.

A book of oversized postcards has been used over and over again around here. 

An ugly pink trash can got an impromptu makeover with my favorite green spray paint. 
Gold paint lines the rim. A printed pansy is Mod Podged on the side. 
I wallpapered this closet about 5 years ago. 

Pansies can be planted in the fall in North Texas. They will bloom all winter. They can look a little stressed if we have a deep freeze but will bounce right back and bloom all spring. They cannot withstand the Texas summer and will die back in June or so. 
They will love the rain and the cool down we had yesterday. 

The shelf got a new piece of Contact Paper which freshened it up. The area above this shelf used to be full of clothes. It drove me nuts to have a wall of clothes as I walked in so I purged and took the dowel down. That way I cannot fill it back up again. 
I know myself so well. 

Since we are sheltering in place, I decided to try painting pansies. 

Not too bad. It was really fun. 

I'm trying to embrace this slow down and do some fun things. 
How about you? 
Have a blessed day. 


  1. Oh, Katie, what a wonderful closet! I love your pansy theme -- they are a favorite of mine. Usually by now, I would have bought some pansies as they are always rather hearty even when it's cool. Ah, well. You are lucky to enjoy them in your closet!

  2. Ii love the pansies. Mom loved pansies because they were her father's favorite flower. Thank You for sharing. Happy Easter.