Friday, June 26, 2020

Our Summer Bedroom In Black And White

I drove up to a garage sale and a woman was holding a bundle of fabric in her arms. 
"Put it down, put it down." went through my mind. She and I must have had a mind meld because she set it down. I grabbed it faster than you can say French Country. It was yards and yards of black and white checked fabric for only $3.00. 
We had that fabric hanging in a swoop across the window of our rouge red dining room. 
I've been in love with black and white since then. I don't have it everywhere but I almost always have it somewhere in the house. 

I've been on a ticking spree this year. 
 It started with a slipcover for a chair in the living room. 
I've made a table runner, a ruffled pillow and some placemats. 
Bill found a company selling 100% U.S. grown and manufactured linens. 
He was so impressed with their mission statement that he got a set for the napping bed in the office and a set of ticking stripe sheets for our bed. He gave them to me for my birthday. 

I loved how they were packaged. 
They are more of a black and off white stripe rather than a navy and cream stripe. 
It prompted a revamp of our bed for the summer. 
It took me a few days to figure out how to style the bed with these new sheets. 

The white coverlet was too white to go with the cream. Our new green quilt was too springy looking. 
We have a black comforter that I use at Christmas but it's way too hot for a summer bed. 
I decided to go with a gray quilt that we have had for a few years.

I went to the pillow cupboard and pulled out a toile cover. Some black ticking pillows from Pottery Barn were already in use in the guest room but #priorities.

These sheets are so soft and cozy. They are a good weight but not too hot for Texas. 
I love them. 

I retrieved some black and white transferware from the dish closet. 
They are sprinkled about on the new mantel

I love black transferware and I love this mantelscape. 

I found our chandelier on the curb several years ago. 

I brought more black and white over to my dresser. 

 I'll leave you with an actual portrait of Bill and I before lockdown. 
Look at how he stares at me. 
Not so much. 

That is all for now. 
Happy Friday. 


  1. your bedroom is so lovely, Katie. that mirrored armoire, the chandy, and your bed are gorgeous. I love the painting above the mantle and of course all the pretty new bedding. such a calming, relaxing space!

  2. Hi Katie,

    Love your bedroom and I'm a fan of black transferware too. The probkem, I love all transferware, ha, ha.

    The sheets are pretty, to bad they don't come in blue and cream. I'd love them for our bed.

    Love the portrait too. Love the images, I have acquired a few small Italian florentine pieces throughout our home.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  3. A lovely bedroom, Katie. It is peaceful and inviting. . Just as long as he is still looking. I am sure that if I had a husband that one of us would be living in the shed by now. Have a great weekend.

  4. The black and white is a lovely look for summer. Very cool, clean and sophisticated. Those sheets look fabulous!