Sunday, July 19, 2020

Garden Statuary and Urns

Hi Friends,
I hope you are well.
I've been in love with garden statuary for decades. 

We inherited a sweet statue from Bill's aunt. He was actually part of a fountain but his feet were broken. I gave this sweet boy some new concrete "feet" and tried to attach him to a fountain but it didn't work. Instead he was planted in the garden. 
 He's been happy here for years. 

We also brought home a bird bath from the same aunt. With the bowl on, it was quite massive so I used the base as a stand for a sundial. This year it sports a fern. 

The bowl became my fountain. 

Perhaps as my garden matured, I would have been able to use the bath on the base but I have always assumed that it was too large for my yard. I also never wanted to have to lift it into place. 
I adore these two which became the feature for our fountain instead of the boy. 

 Bill got me a really beautiful birdbath when we lived in Lubbock. Its got a pink tint to the concrete. 

I picked up a sweet angel at some point. Her poor wing broke in a freeze which is a danger with concrete.  

I gave my mom an angel for Mother's Day one year. I brought it home when she died. 

Her broken wing has been repaired. She is so sweet. 

A menagerie of animals have joined our collection over the years. 

Our squirrel is an antique find. He is adorable on the front porch in the fall. 

Our lamb came from Home Goods. 

I have a fondness for bunnies. 
This one came from Tuesday Morning to replace one that I had thought I had lost during retaining wall construction. 

I subsequently found the original bunny buried in the yard.

I'm much more careful with my statues these days. Our drainage issues cause things to become buried during rainy seasons. Bill and I are talking about what can be done about rain water run off. 
We are home so much that we are able to notice things that need improvement.

I picked up this adorable bird planter at Round Top. He is a cutie. 

The mate to this urn broke one year. They were supposed to flank our front door when we moved here but the gray offered no contrast with our tan brick. 

We inherited a gorgeous urn from Bill's mom. 
It has gorgeous patina. 

I've been spending a lot of time in the garden. It's all planted so I wanted to add to our collection of garden accessories. 
Garden concrete statuary and urns are so classic but pieces are so hard to find. There was nothing to be found at my antique and thrift stores. Calloway's remained open during the lockdown but they had clay, not concrete. Resin does not hold up over time so something from Hobby Lobby was out. I've been to one estate sale but even though people were masked up, they did not respect personal space so I bolted out of there. 
It wasn't even that crowded but social distancing was not happening. 

 The places that fabricate concrete statues and urns are all out on the highways as stops between destinations. I remember there being one out near Mineral Wells. There was also one on the way to Oklahoma and it seems that there is also one on the way to the lake. 
I always wanted to stop but it never looked open. 
All of those were too far away for a random Friday. 
We have one place nearby to get classic concrete urns and figures.
I checked to see if they were open and they were. 
I had a wonderful drive over there. It felt normal after staying so close to home for four months. 
I masked up and had a lovely time walking around looking at bird baths, urns, angels, animals, fountains and fountain parts. 

Bill told me to keep an eye out for Big Foot. There were two of them. 
The small one was $800.00 and the other was almost a $1000.00 
He thought one would look great in the Woodland Realm.
I beg to differ. 
 I expressed that the garden has been such a haven for me during #pandemic. 
She said that she hears that all of the time from customers. 
 I like to ask small business' how they are doing since restrictions have lifted somewhat.
We chatted about lockdown. 
I asked if they had been able to stay open. She said that they were only closed for two days. 
They had people pulling up to the gate to ask if they were open. 
She was able to keep her workers and they wanted to work. 
She had orders that are eight weeks out. 
Good for them.
I brought a few things home with me. 
I want to introduce you to The Woman At The Well. 

She is lovely! 

She is supposed to be a fountain topper but we thought I could plant her with succulents since you can't see where the water is supposed to come out. The little plant will fill out in a few weeks.

I also got a square planter. 

I'm not sure if this is where it will stay but it was close to where I park the car. Bill only wants to move this once.

A sweet new mama and baby bunny joined my family of bunnies. 

That is all for now.
Stay safe.


  1. Oh Katie I love all your garden statues. Your little angel that broke her wing in winter looks like she is praying for a new one. How sweet each of these are. Love the one you have from your mom. I have one from a dear friend that passed in my yard and I think of her everytime I look at that sweet angel. Have a great new week.

  2. I love all of your statues. Great idea to use the bird bath top as a fountain.

    I also have the woman at the well in my garden without the base. I have the base, I just never got around to putting the two pieces together.

    Enjoy your lovely garden space!

  3. Im with you, Katie, I love garden statuary, too. Your pieces are so pretty, and I love your fountain!

  4. I love how you planted the little fella with no feet. I have a few like that, that I've not been able to throw away. We have a lot of the concrete spots up here too, and I've found several pieces over the years. Your yard and flowerbeds are so pretty and interesting. Can't wait to see your woodland realm as it matures.

  5. The statue from Bill's aunt is fabulous. And I love the bunny and how you used the fountain top for succulents. It's awfully pretty, Katie!

  6. Hi There. I love the Woman at the Well. Where might I find one to buy?

    1. I would check with a local statuary maker. They might have catalogs filled with patterns. The place I found her pours their own fountains, urns and statues. It's just a yard with a workshop at the back. I hope you find her.