Wednesday, July 1, 2020

I'm Thrifting Again!

Besides visiting with family and friends, thrifting was the thing that I missed the most during lockdown. 
As soon as things opened up here in Texas, I went to the thrift store. I knew that my stores would be virtually empty. I thought that they would be getting in all the stuff people cleaned out while sheltering in place but I've not seen a flood of new junk at my stores. 
The economy is in turmoil so people may be keeping stuff for future garage sales.
My post about the "Woodland Realm" (as Bill calls it) is not quite ready, so I thought I'd show you my thrift store, Ebay and antique store finds. 

I only got one thing from the Methodists. They raise money for local families in financial crisis. 
This handmade whirly gig was only $3.00. 
Love him. 

The garden has been my sanctuary so I've been watching a lot of gardening channels on YouTube. 
Linda Vater has darling baskets about her yard. I immediately snagged some baskets for ours. 
These came from the store that raises money for crisis pregnancies.  
A cause that is near and dear to my heart. 

They add fun texture to the garden. 

I found a little round basket below in someone's trash. 

A wall basket was only $4.00. 

Wrens have already built a nest in it. It only took them a day to build. Bill caught them at it in the morning. I pulled out the building material. By that evening they had finished it. I didn't have the heart to dismantle it again. I hope the babies survive this time. 

For 50¢ each several brown bottles came home. One got broken in the garbage disposal during clean up.  
Picking glass out of a disposal is super fun -FYI. 

A small Ball jar was $2.00. 

The faux needlepoint tin was a find before lockdown. 

Several un-needed pieces of bric- a-brac came home too. 

Resisting white china is futile. 

The strawberry egg cup is English. It was either $1.40 or $2.10. I can't remember.

This perfect piece of majolica was only $7.00. 

The Nikko peach china had been there for a long time. I've been collecting for a peach theme. These were $2.10 each. 

Two fruit themed teacups were $6.00 each. 
They are Rockingham by Spode. They had been there a while too so they needed to be adopted. 

This old door stop was only $3.00. 
I don't use them as door stops. I use them as bookends or shelf sitters. 

This carrot mold was only $2.10. I thought it would be cute at Easter. 

I counted our pitchers recently. I lost count at 43. I adore pitchers and use them as vases. 
This little cranberry glass example was only $2.80. 
How could I leave it behind? 

There is a universal law of thrifting. If you give, you shall receive. 
During lockdown, I searched eBay for a wall mount bird cage. I had no luck. 
As soon as the SAH order was lifted, Bill took them a huge truck load of donations. 
On one of my subsequent visits, I found this French style wall mounted bird cage for only $4.00. 

I couldn't believe it. I've rarely seen these for sale. 
My love affair with all things French continued with a search for a tremeau mirror. 
A brown one with a darling painting was an eBay find. I broke the mirror right after it arrived. 
I'm headed to mirror and glass place this morning. 

A gold one was an antique store find shortly after the black and brown one was found. 

What is French style without a little toile? 
These red Waverly valances were found the same day as the wall mounted basket and bird cage. 
What a great Frenchy day that was. 

My last find was a wonderfully chippy bench. 
It was at the antique store and was $49.00. Not a great deal but it's lovely. 

It needs some restoration. Bill wants to restore the sides as well as fix the slats but the sides are staying as found. 
It's a two seater and it will be perfect for the woodland realm. 
That is all for now! 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. I've been missing thrifting too. I really like the wall basket, so pretty.

  2. I love seeing all your finds! The wall grouping and those mirrors are amazing!

  3. You scored on all your items! I am glad you got to go thrifting! It is fun to find treasures! Happy 4th of July!

  4. What great finds! Love everything. Happy Independence Day!

  5. I have been missing my thrift store shopping as well. Looks like you found some really great items. Glad you had fun. Happy July 4th.

  6. I love the Uncle Sam and the needlepoint box. The thrift stores in South carolina are probably empty, just like Texas. We had a record amount of coronavirus cases yesterday.

  7. Great finds Katie, love the mirrors I missed it too, luckily, after 4 weeks our thrift store did curbside pickup safely. I found quite a few pieces because they share on Instagram.

    I miss being able to work in garden, it's so calming.