Monday, August 17, 2020

Mini Bathroom Refresh

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? 
We remodeled our bathroom seven years ago and it was time for a mini refresh. 

When we bought the house, the bathroom had a terrible wallpaper. The pattern had elements of Art Deco but I was not a fan. It was an ugly bathroom. 
 I re-papered it in a red Waverly strié. Wallpaper went out of style late in the 90s, so that was all removed. 
In a "What about this makes sense?" move, I painted the bathroom Rouge Red by Sherwin Williams. 
It was almost the color of the Waverly paper. ??? 
 After the red, the bathroom was painted Stamped Concrete. 

 Our first batch of Stamped Concrete was a beautiful gray and I loved it. 
We got another can to to do some touch ups but Sherwin Williams had changed their formula and now the walls looked olive green. 

The walls were painted Gray Screen seven years ago at the end of our remodel. I never loved the color but I was too tired to do anything about it. 
I could always see light blue even if there was nothing else blue in the room. 
This hasn't happened in any of my other rooms but there is a glue residue under all the layers of paint. Over time, it seems to leach up through the paint and cause the walls to look weird. 

Repainting this room has been on my list for about two years but I just couldn't muster up the will to do it. 
 Six doors
Two windows
Two vanities
A medicine cabinet
It only takes about an hour to roll the walls. Cutting in takes forever. 
We had to make a hardware store run the other day. 
While we were there, I grabbed two gallons of pre-mixed white by Royal. 
It was tested on the wall. There was no turning back. 
I decided to take my time and just enjoy the process. 

 The mirrors got some gold leafing with Plaid Liquid Leaf Paint. 
This gave them new life.  

The brushed nickel light fixtures were taken down and they got hit with some flat black Rust-Oleaum spray paint. 

They have a tiny hint of the gold leafing paint too. 

The vanities had a few dings after seven years of use. The dings got touched up with black craft paint. 
I still love the white sinks, chrome fixtures and black granite tops. 
The granite does show hard water stains though. 

The new whiter paint really accentuated the dingy trim color. 

 I think the White Duck by Sherwin Williams had yellowed some but it was not a true white. 
I like whiter whites these days. Painting the trim, doors, and tub surround wasn't fun but it's done. 

The old kitchen curtains were hung in the windows. 
I'm on the hunt for some toile for future window treatments. 

It was time to clean and fluff. 

It will be fun to change out the accent color in here.
Mulberry transferware looks so good with lavender and lavender soap. 
A gray and black transferware plate hangs in the window niche. 

A little enamel soap dish hangs on the wall next to a vintage cutwork towel. 

Last year we noticed that the shower has a crack running through it. 
It's not leaking so we haven't done anything about it. We wouldn't do anything now anyway because of Covid. 

If we were to get new tiles, we would get a smaller marble subway tile. I absolutely wouldn't get the band of contrasting tile. I knew it was a trend, but I let the tile guy talk me into it anyway.

The bathtub was a bit pricey but since it is used everyday, it's been a good value.
Cheaper per day than a cup of coffee. Cost per day is $1.40, in case you were wondering. 
Nerdy of me to figure that out, I know. 

That is about it for now. 
It's not a huge change but it's great to get this crossed off of the list. 
Thanks for stopping by. 
Stay well, Friends. 



  1. Katie, I am so very envious. I love that big bathroom. You have painted your heart out girl. I used to have a big bathroom in I have a bathroom that is just big enough for the tub, vanity and stool. Boring ! I used to paint all the time. I have done very little painting since we moved here. I like your mirrors too. The deep window sills are wonderful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Katie, my kind of girl using gilding to add new life to pieces for a quick update.

    Cutting in is the worst, takes forever but you did it.

    Love your accents and frames too. Always great French touches.


  3. What an enormous bathroom! It looks fabulous. I need to paint my vanity this fall when I'm back. I've waited too long and now it's time! I hope I do half as good as job as you!

  4. Wow !! Love the two separate vanities with wash basins AND those two vintage glass containers are so gorgeous ! Would love if you could join the Meraki Link party at

  5. Your bathroom looks great! I love all the little touches you added too. Now I want to paint one of my vanities black.😀

  6. LOVE this bathroom!!!! Hugs and blessings, Cindy