Wednesday, August 12, 2020

DIY Fall Crafts/Painting Pick Up Truck Decor

Hi Friends, 
It's a crafting day.
I'm re-painting some signs that I got at the Dollar Tree. 

 I don't think I ever showed some of the signs that I made last year. 
There was a lot of craziness going on late last summer and fall and blogging stuff got pushed to the side.
Last summer, I bought three of the pick up truck signs. 
After the leaf and bow were torn off, I sanded off the glittery letters. 
I painted two of the trucks black. 

An early fall truck bed is filled with apples. 
The Dollar Tree jute hanger was taken off and black and white check ribbon was threaded through instead. 
I typed Applegate Farms into Word and then printed it. I turned it over and lightly covered the words with blue chalk. Chalk side down, I traced the words which left the transfer of the blue lettering on my painting. I filled it in with a white chalkboard pen. 
In spite of teaching for a million years, my handwriting isn't the best so the chalk transfer method works the best for me. 
I love it. 

A later fall truck was filled with white pumpkins. 
These were so much fun to paint. 

You might remember that I was on a buffalo check kick. 

I got a little carried away with it. 
There are tons of tutorials on YouTube. 
This is the one that helped me the most. 

Some of my creations were passed on to the thrift store after lock down because I'll do something different this year.

This sign was made with scrap book paper from Hobby Lobby. 

I used the same chalk transfer lettering technique like the Applegate Farms truck. 
This sign could be made from any shadow box style sign but I used this staple from Dollar Tree. 
They have it this year too.

A pumpkin shaped metal yard stake that will get a makeover this year. I'm not sure what I'm going to do with it yet. 

The paper sticker wouldn't hold up to rain so I took it off with Goo Gone. 

Just FYI. Milk paint won't stick. I don't know what I was thinking. 

A yard stake of the back end of a pick up truck will get a makeover too. 
The glitter on the arrow was sanded off. 
I have three of these. It would be cute to make one for Christmas. 

This jar shaped sign has had me stumped for while. 
I meant to do something with for summer but I never felt inspired.

I Mod Podged some pumpkins this morning. 
This video by Olivia of Olivia's Romantic Home inspired me to try it. 
It was so much fun. 

I had these in my stash. The larger one was one of the velvet pumpkins from Dollar Tree.
. The napkin that I used is from Michel Design Works. I got the package at Tuesday Morning. 

I've also busted out some needlepoint. 

I am very into 90s style florals. 
That is it for now, my darlings. 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. Katie, I like the little truck make overs. I also love the black and white checks. You are very crafty young lady. Your needlepoint will be a treasure. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

  2. Katie,
    Love all the transformations that you did!! I can not wait for Fall!! This hot and humid Summer is almost in the records as our hottest Summer on record! I will be glad when it is over!

  3. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your needlepoint! Great pattern!

  4. All your projects are so cute! I love the different trucks. I like all of it really! Hugs,

  5. Love, love these pieces Katie! Applegate Farns is a great name. In NJ there's an Applegate Farms we have visited since I was young.

    I'm beginning fall crafts too!