Friday, August 28, 2020

Late Summer/Early Fall Decorating

Hello, Friends,
I hope you are well.

In the mist of thinking about and bookmarking all things farmhouse, I took some pictures of our early fall or late summer touches. 
I thought I'd show them to you. 

We visited Giverny three years ago in mid September. The late summer flowers were gorgeous. They were tall and almost buoyant with vibrant blooms that thrived with the slight drop in temperature. 

Oh, that my borders would look like this. 

I was captivated. 

We visited Monmartre which is where Sacré-Coure is located. There was a market right outside the church. Bill and I bought some precious little watercolors. 
I cannot believe that it has taken me this long to pop them into a frame. Especially, since I already had frames that would work. Are they the best frames in the world? No, but this is a season of using what we have. I wanted our decor this August to have that feel of a mature garden. 

One of the paintings is on the dish dresser in the garden room. 

I put the other one on the mantel. Don't ask me why they aren't together. 
The artist told us where these were painted but I do not remember. 

They reminded me of that visit three years ago.

The mantel is essentially the same. I try to change it up like a good blogger should but I end up putting it back the way it was. For a slight change, it got some old gold candlesticks and a new to me candelabra. 
I found this beauty for $4.75 at the antique store. I'd just seen some @ French Country Cottage but I never dreamed that I'd spy one so soon after noticing hers. 

It needed crystals which we had in my stash. There used to be baggies of crystals at the thrift store for only $2.99. That was before chandeliers became popular again. Those were the days. 

The ticking chair next to the hearth got a darling sunflower pillow with a brown background. 
I've had this one for years and I love pulling it out for late summer. 
The arrangement on the little brass table is comprised of faux black eyed Susans, branches from the woods, and dwarf nandina from the yard. Bill thought it was all real. 
The majolica pitcher is a reproduction but I've had it so long that it is approaching vintage status. 

Unfortunately, grocery store sunflowers do not last very long. 
My first batch for 2020 was pretty with burgundy alstroemeria and branches.  
Another brown needlepoint pillow rests on the couch in the background. 
The yard was slim pickins for flowers since it was unbearably hot so I bought some.  

There are some late summer touches to see in the garden room. 

My red truck from Hobby Lobby got a makeover with some Rust-Oleum Spray Paint in Moss. 
This is my favorite color spray paint. The truck fits into my style better now that it is green. 
A burlap sunflower sits in the bed. The thrifted little corn cob is a tooth pick holder. 

I'm so happy to have the dish dresser back in this room. 
Bill made it for our second house and it is so special to me. 
It calls for more of a casual look than it can get in the entryway. 

The grocery store sunflowers dried which was a surprise. Usually, they don't dry very well. 

The farm stand wall hanging from Raz Imports also got spray painted. It was red as well. 
One coat of hunter green covered the red. Vaseline was dabbed on in spots so that the lighter Moss green would look chippy. 
Late summer flowers spill out of the cart. 

Here is the elusive and rarely seen corner where Bill sits. 
I didn't bother to straighten the books for you. 

If all goes well with the farm, the secretary may end up out there. 
A string of light provides a cozy glow in it. 

A few other farm touches echo a late summer look. 

I pulled all this out before we saw the farmhouse. 
Hopefully, it is a providential foreshadowing. 
The inspector and a foundation guy will be out to look at the property on Monday. 
We have a few concerns. Hopefully, it isn't anything that would be a deal breaker. 
I'd be disappointed but we'd just keep trusting and looking. 
Have a wonderful weekend. 
Bill is going to add a few details to the arbor. 
I rummaged in the attic for antique beds and chairs to work on. 
I'm a purger so there isn't much left. 
I'll show it all to you. 


  1. Hi Katie,

    Love your touches and your truck and the garden stand hanging look great green.

    Your homemade cloche is still a beauty. I really like the two paintings too, nice and soft.

    I am hoping everything goes smoothly Monday, you deserve your dream.


  2. Oh I adore the beautiful pictures and I love, love, love that white teapot! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. I like your late summer/early fall decor -- it doesn't reek fall, and for me it's too early. This seems just right. I love your watercolors, they're beautiful. And wonderful memories of the trip.

  4. those watercolors are so wonderful, what a lovely way to remember your trip. Of course I love that brown background needlepoint pillow. a perfect way to get going with Fall!

  5. This is all so beautiful Katie! I love how you mixed thrifted finds with the pieces you already have for a completely fresh feel. You find the best stuff. Plus those watercolors - such a treasure and a great reminder of trip too! It's all fabulous, hugs, CoCo