Saturday, September 26, 2020

Thrifting For The New House

Hi, Friends, 
The inspection went well on our future weekend home. There were only a few minor repairs but no deal breakers!
I have a story about how we chose this house but that will have to wait as I am still writing that post. 
Since the house passed with almost flying colors, I hit the ground thrifting on Friday. 
The first estate sale was a misnomer. I think it was a moving sale. I found a French cheese mold and one of my Christmas dessert plates. I spent $3.00. (I hope I still have the Christmas dessert plates. I won't know until I can get in the Christmas closet.) 


An elderly woman, who had antique sales out of her garage was moving to assisted living. The best estate sale company in town was given the contract to sell what she was not taking to her new place. 
I arrived about seven minutes after the sale opened. I spied a crockery butter churn in the listing but it had already sold by the time I got there. I didn't need it but it was cute. 
I have a cute crock for the front porch of the cottage so no big deal.   

Bill and I are leaning towards green accents for the house. I looked on eBay for green and white hotel china but it wasn't love, so I grabbed a small stack of white plates and a white pitcher. 

This little medicine cabinet was $45.00. It just spoke to me and it screams Texas cottage. I'll probably give it an update of some kind.
She had several nice oak washstands. One was already sold but there were three others to choose from. 
I bought the cutie pictured above. 
The burly temperature taker and door man helped me load the dresser in the truck. As I was closing the lift gate, I realized that I didn't remember the four drawers he'd loaded. I remembered doors. I checked the dresser in my truck. It didn't have doors. He'd loaded the wrong one.
We unloaded and reloaded the correct dresser. 

I was about to head to the Methodist's thrift store but instead I had an inkling that I needed to go back to my favorite thrift store even though I'd just been there on Wednesday. 
I am so glad I did because they had just gotten a few new furniture pieces. They hadn't even been priced yet. I spotted the green wing back chair on the way to talk to Grace about the furniture out front. 
(Grace was one of my kids during my stint as a Children's Minister.)

The manager and I walked passed the wing back and I said that I wanted it. 
Out front, she priced a cute green chair with a ruffled skirt but it was $150.00. 
I asked about a loveseat. "I'll give it to you for $19.00." What? 
The loveseat is a classic shape. It's similar to our current set so it will be easy to slipcover. It is from 2005 but it is in pristine condition. Remember the other day when I said that I needed to find something from a little used formal living area? This is it! 

The neighbor who helped me unload it has the exact fabric on their formal set. 

I went to housewares and found more white dishes. They haven't had stacks of good white dishes in a couple of years. I have enough for the cottage after one day of thrifting. I spent $60.00 total. 
There were some great pots that were never used. Bill said they look 80's. 

Without the lid, I think, they look current. 

I'd like to find new knobs.  I was please with $20.00 for all three pots and lids. 

I walked through the store again and called Bill. We had a phone consultation about a dining table. 
With some pictures and some vision casting, he gave me the green light to get this table and two "captains" chairs. It was $129.00. It comes with two leaves or is it leafs? Let me know. 
It will fold up for the two of us but it should seat eight comfortably. I've already sanded the top for it's new scheme. 

The manager threw in four more chairs for free. 
How cute will these look painted black? West Elm has some like them.

Now for some other free stuff. 
Last Saturday, Bill and I were coming home from the pharmacy. I saw some park benches on the side of the road. He did a couple of turns to get back to them and when he did, one was already being loaded up. We decided to take the one that was left. 
The other one was white but smaller. This one is a better scale for Bill. 
We just finished a bench restoration on the 4th of July. This one will be restored but I'm not sure of the color yet. It will go on the front porch of the new house.   

There were two large plastic flower containers. 

They also had the green wrought iron piece pictured below. 

It was the side to an old glider.  The seat was gone according to the guy who was unloading a back yard full of stuff. (I think the house is about to be flipped.) 
There were two sides like this but one of the sides was still attached to a big pole. 
A lady drove up behind us to pick. She asked me if I was going to take the green sides. 
I said that I was thinking about it. In a split second, I said, "You take the one side (without the pole) since it will fit in your car. I'll take the other side (with the pole) because it will fit in the bed of the truck."
Bill helped her load her new fun find. She said to Bill, "We ladies need to have our junk." 
We both cracked up. Meanwhile cars are backing up behind her while we loaded her cute green find. 

In part, Bill would love to hit the shops to furnish the house. Nope. This is just too much fun. 

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  1. OMG Katie Score!!!! You have done so well with all of your stops. Love everything you found and killer on the prices. Congrats on the new place passing inspection. Yay!!!! I cannot wait to see more pics. Happy Weekend.

  2. Wow, Katie -- Four star finds! It's going to be darling, I can tell already! You know the spots to shop, that's for sure!

  3. What great finds Katie! OOOOOOOOH.........Loving those white dishes! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  4. Oh this is fun. I'm loving your great finds, your new place will be adorable. I'm so glad the inspection came out good. Can't wait to see how you all make this place "yours"!!

  5. I'm telling you, you find the best stuff! I wish I could go shopping with you!!I'm looking forward to seeing how you refinish everything.