Thursday, October 29, 2020

More Fall And Chit Chat

Hi, Darlings.
How are you? I hope you are well. 

I have some images that never got posted in October. 
I thought we could chit chat and I can talk about what's been going on. 
We're headed out to East Texas this evening as soon as Bill approves the last funding of the day.  
Tomorrow, he'll work from out there while I paint and wait for the refrigerator delivery. 
It will be nice to be able store food in the house rather than run out to the guest house fridge. 
Don't get me wrong, we were happy they left the refrigerator in the guest house. 
I thought for sure that it would be gone when we went out last week. 

I was supposed to go out alone this week but the truck is in the shop. It won't be back in time for this weekend so we will be squeezing as much as we can into the Mazda. I had a Volkswagen Beetle so I'm really good at packing a car. We've had two cars sitting in the driveway for 8 months. Now we need the two cars and both of them have had issues in the last two weeks. Granted, I'm sure that sitting so much this year didn't do them any good, but we did try to drive them so that we wouldn't have these kinds of issues. 
We're a little frustrated as we have more stuff we'd like to take out but it won't fit in the car. 
I told Bill that we needed to dial it back and practice patience. Neither one of us is great at that. 

I plan on painting the trim in our bedroom and the living room so that Bill can put up some new blinds. 
As soon as I'm done with the trim, I'll start painting our bathroom, the laundry room, the guest bath, and the hall. If I get finished with that, I'll start painting doors. The exterior doors on the insides have never been painting. They still have the factory primer. They are green and white on the outside but it's more of a kelly green. We are switching to a deep forest that is almost black.
I'm so glad all of the paint is already out there and we don't have to worry about squeezing that into the car. 

We hope to have some time to relax this weekend. I'd also like to walk the perimeter of the property. 
If you would like to see what direction we are leaning for our property, you can follow Our Texas Cottage on Pinterest. 

It got really cold here in North Texas. We went from summer to winter in a nano second. 
It was weird switching out my clothing for the season. A lot of my nicer spring and summer clothing didn't get worn at all. We didn't go anywhere that required getting dressed up. So strange. 

I worked on another furniture makeover this week. 

It was only $30.00. With some sanding, new feet, cleaning, painting, knobs and waxing and it is ready to go. 
Unfortunately, it will have to wait here in the garage until we get the truck back. 
That is all for now. I hope you don't mind these pop ins.
I hope you like seeing the process rather than just room reveals. Let me know in the comments. 
I'll be back Monday with more from the new house. 
Stay well. 


  1. Seeing your beautiful silver pot reminded me that I have a lot of silver polishing to do. I've been putting it off but that looked so pretty, maybe tomorrow is the day!

    Loved all the vignettes in your lovely home and hearing how it is going. You are a painting whiz! Rick's a good painter, I'm less so (I have fume issues with my breathing). But the prep is a royal pain with that TSP soap and getting it all clean. So super well done, you two! And love the re-do on that little chest. Much improved!

  2. Love watching the progress. Looks so much better already. Great job on that small chest you just made over. It looks great!