Sunday, October 18, 2020

We're Closing On The Country House Tomorrow

We are twenty two hours away from our closing. 
We're loaded up and ready to go. 

We'll get the keys and head over for an empty house walk through. We'll take pictures and get some video.  We need to come back here to sleep because of the dog and the Uhaul. 
Bill has a bunch of stuff going on at the bank so he can't take off any more this week but I may head back out there by myself with the dog to do some unpacking without him. 
I can't wait to do some shelf liner. 

I think that in the last three weeks, we've acquired everything that we need except a headboard, a refrigerator and a washer and dryer. Bill will need to figure out a ride on mower and a grill but those can wait for the time being. 

I found a recliner for Bill at the thrift store on Tuesday. I love the color and it is in like new condition. 
We briefly debated keeping this one at home but the color is too perfect for the new house. 
My goal was get as much as I could from the thrift store and other resellers. 
While ultimately a lot of the stuff originally came from a certain country, it was important to us to help our favorite cause as we furnished the house. I don't know if I've said this too much but all proceeds from my favorite thrift store help fund a Pregnancy Center. The Center was started many years ago from a friend from church. Many, many woman have chosen life for their children over the years. It keeps stuff out of the landfill and it helps the babies. 
We did have to order our bed and a few other things from Amazon, however. The bed is the same as the one we have in the guest room here and in our camper. It is super comfortable.  

This week I tried to find a few more things for the house. 
I continued to sort through art and frames. Several shabby chic frames got a new more tradition paint job with black paint and gold leafing paint. 
It was fun and I can't wait to show them to you once they are in place. 

The attic ladder bit the dust when we made a trip up to the attic to look at my headboard hoard. 
Headboards are easy to hoard because they line up nicely like little soldiers. I had nothing that is a queen size though. I'll have to look for that later. 

We were able to install the new attic ladder with just the two of us. It was nerve wracking but Bill got tips from YouTube on how to do it. 

Two pieces from the old ladder were saved. I spray painted them a fun green.  

Finally, I made the tough call that it was time to retire my old laptop. 
It was from 2012. It lasted a good long time but it has been giving me fits lately. 


I unwisely made the decision to not upgrade to new operating systems because I'd lose iPhoto. My old operating system was just not playing well with everything else in the internet world especially the new Blogger. I had almost no storage left so any videos we wanted to do could not happen. 
Bill has a cute personality and we'd like to upload some of our projects to my YouTube channel. We will have a lot of projects in the coming days. 
I've been afraid that my old laptop was going to catch fire because it was getting so hot. I cashed in the remainder of my funds from school and Budget Blinds to fund it. The timing wasn't great but it has been something that I've wanted to do since February. We all know what happened in March. Laptops were in high demand with everyone working from home. I wanted to see it in person anyway and I think eight years is a good life expectancy. 
This is my first blog post with the new computer. I love some of the new features but they've taken a minute to figure out. 
That is all for now, my friends. 
The next time you hear from me, we will be country house homeowners. 
We can't wait.
Thanks for stopping by and for your sweet support. 


  1. Good luck with the closing. It must exciting to have found your home in the country and have that to look forward to getting done.

    Looking forward to your projects.

    I had to get a new computer after 12 years. Mine had a great run. Good thing my husband knows all about what to get, where and saving files and my pictures.


  2. How excitinng! Can't wait to follow the progress!

  3. You'll have fun looking for all the things you don't have and getting just the right thing. Meanwhile, it looks like you are all set to "live" and move in! I'm loving seeing all you are doing for your new sometimes-home and look forward to following all your adventures there.

  4. What fun! I can't wait to see all that you do and it is so nice that you have a perfect getaway. Stay well..xxoJudy