Tuesday, November 10, 2020

Weekend #2 At The New House

Hello, Friends, 
I hope that you are well and encouraged. 
This didn't publish for some reason last week. We have already had our third weekend at the house and we are clicking through our projects. Just for your FYI. 
I had to pick up a few things for the house at Walmart last Tuesday. When I tried to start the truck it wouldn't start. 
I was supposed to head out to the house Thursday afternoon so that I would be there to meet the refrigerator delivery sometime on Friday. We didn't know what our scheduled delivery time would be and the house is two hours from here. More if there is traffic. They didn't even look at the truck on Wednesday so we seriously doubted that it would be ready on Thursday. It meant that we had to stuff the little car full and ride out together. Bill would work from the new house. His work got him a laptop so that he could head out with me. 
We left after work and arrived shortly after dark on Thursday night. 
How fun to approach our house lit up to welcome us. 
We unloaded our stuff. Bill set up his work stuff so that he would be ready the next morning. I hung a faux tin backsplash behind the sink. It still needs a dry brush treatment so I'll show it during a kitchen post.

 I also swept and mopped the floors. I didn't get to that during the move in and it was bugging me. 
The floors are stained concrete which are not my favorite. We laid down some rugs until we can get to the flooring store. 

I got up Friday morning ready to get to work. I didn't even take time to sit and drink coffee. We picked up some new blinds but the window trim and sills needed to be painted before they could be hung. 
Once there was a coat of paint on the windows, I started painting our bathroom. 

Larger rooms are easier to paint than smaller rooms. 
The bathroom had two built ins. A small white cupboard will remain open. Bill will trim out the top with crown molding. It got the same white as the walls only in a different sheen. 

The other floor to ceiling built in was in the potty closet. It was built pretty well but it was unfinished. It had a curtain hanging in front of it.  That curtain was thrown in the yard pretty soon after we got to the house last weekend.  

There was evidence that a cabinet used to hang in this spot but it was moved to the shed.
You can see where they drew out where the built ins should be. 
Bill took a quick break from work and removed all of it. 
It made painting the potty area so much easier but it is still a depressing area.  It will be until we have floors and a cabinet of some kind. 
It took me the rest of the day to finish the walls in the bathroom. 
Bill hung up the blinds in our room that evening. I was exhausted so after an easy dinner, I went to bed at 8:30. 

Bill is an early riser. While I was still asleep, he and Dixie walked in the woods as soon as it was light. He started gathering up some trash from the woods. There will be quite a trash pile by the time we are finished all is said and done. 
Our room has the prettiest light in the morning. I got up and started hanging curtains.
I went with white panels with brushed nickel rods. This might be boring to some of you but I love white curtains. These were $19.99 a pair from Tuesday Morning. 
The white with touches of black looks clean and fresh. 
I decided to paint everything white. We can always repaint later if it needs more color.  

Bill started replacing outlets when he returned from the woods. There weren't GFI outlets in the kitchen.
He also hung up a few things for me. 

I continued to paint trim and started the doors. 
He was able to hang the blinds in the living room. I got the curtains hung up. 
 He also replaced a piece of trim that had had termite damage. He was able to shape it to match the existing trim. 

The chairs were calling to me but we carved out some time to walk around. 
The trees are starting to change. I'm so glad we closed in enough time to enjoy some fall color. 

I didn't want to pick up a paint brush on Sunday morning but in the end, the laundry room was calling out to me. Hopefully, Bill can add a window in here some day. The hot water also needs some sort of screen. 

Bill worked on his shop while I painted. He also putzed around in the guest house. 
 I started to pack things up for our trip home. 
Bill starts his vacation on Friday. 
We will have over a week out there to get some stuff done. 
He has some repairs and outside painting. 
I will be painting the hall, guest bathroom and guest bedrooms. 
There are still doors, trim, and bathroom vanities to get done. I also have some ceilings to do. 
We will take walks. We will go explore the towns around this little house. 
I'll share more up to the minute progress on Instagram


  1. It's looking wonderful, Katie! I love the white, looking so fresh and clean. Your bedroom is so pretty. I know you're loving the getaway of it. I was wondering how far it was from your city house. That's a fair drive, but oh how much fun. I can just see that front porch transformed!

  2. Things are really moving along. Concrete floors are really not your style. Your bedroom is looking great!

    I enjoy seeing the changes. I can only imagine your yard because it is such a clean slate.