Thursday, December 3, 2020

Christmas in the Guest Rooms and The Game Room

Hi, Dear Friends, 
How are you? Is your holiday decorating in full swing? I hope you are all enjoying the holiday season. It's been a different year and I thought that jumping into Christmas decorating would curb some sadness. Not really. The sadness comes but then I just have to leave it all in the Lord's capable hands. 
The new house in the country has been a good distraction from all that is going on with Covid. 
Decorating the city house kept me busy, as well, but it didn't always keep my mind off of things. That being said, I'm enjoying the decorations anyway. I started decorating a few days earlier than normal and I decided to stick to some tried and true favorites which sped up the process. It took about five days to decorate. Usually, it takes seven or so. 
The guest rooms got the usual needlepoint pillows with some checks and plaid sprinkled in. 
If you have been with me a while, you know that I love needlepoint pillows. 

My son's old room is decked out in black and white checks. 

The old kitchen valances were the springboard for this decor. This room has been a little wonky for a few years. It housed the storage items that were being hoarded for a country house. It's supposed to have a farmhouse look but it has always just looked junky. Extra bits have been removed and it now it looks so much less cluttered.  

The white feather tree is a thrifted find. I set it in my grandmother's doll cradle. Frone Johanna Lueke  was born in 1898 in Wisconsin. I have never come across another person named Frone (the o and the e are long.) It's never been clear why they didn't call her Johanna. It is a much prettier name. :) Anyway, this doll cradle has survived 4 generations of baby dolls. 

The walls are Snowbound by Sherwin Williams. It gives off a bit of a pink cast which doesn't bother me but it is something to think through before use.  

I love the collection of black and white pillows. The gingham with embroidery was thrift a long time ago. 
The painting is from NYC and belonged to my stepmother's mom.  

The other guest room is a little larger. 

It gets more natural light so it's always cheerful. 
It's a favorite room to decorate. 

The painting is a new find. I went to one of my favorite antique stores early this summer. I knew that during the week this store in a small town would be almost empty of shoppers and that the stupid virus numbers would be lower than those in town. It helps out small business and it helps keep me grounded. 
Shopping has always been relaxing for me. This situation has put a damper on that and I find myself getting anxious in stores. I hate to bring up unpleasantness in case you read blogs to escape but maybe you can relate.  

The tryptic was a fun project this summer. The frame was in the garage. It used to have some hunting scenes in it. There were horse shoes in the corners, a riding crop on the bottom and a bit on the top. 
All of that came off and the frame got a good sanding. It was stained and then resealed. The middle print came from eBay. The two on the ends came out of book about Monet. 
I love how it came out. 

The vintage ceramic tree is a garage sale find.
I found it long before these were cool again. 
The Santa stocking holder was from our Christmas store. 

The quilt is Martha Stewart and I just love it. 
She always has such good taste. 

The game room hasn't been featured a lot of my blog. The decor doesn't change that often. 

In the image below, you can see how this room relates to the plaid guest room. 
The black and white room is behind the t.v. wall. 

The 6 foot tree that used to be in here is out in the country so there are twinkle lights in the garland instead. 

The matching Lazy Boy recliners are in this room.
Mine is fabric, his is leather. They are both electric which I would never do again because of the cords. 
These have to be in a corner. I wanted mine to float.  
The rug is Joanna Gaines. I love her rugs. 

It's fun to do a lodge look in here. It looks good with all the leather.  

This is my favorite vignette in the room. The Skotch Kooler belonged to Bill's grandparents. 
The bear is a souvenir from Ruidoso, New Mexico. The tree is Walmart.  
That's all for now. I hope you enjoyed this tour. 
Our room is on this floor but I'll show it in another post. 
Have a wonderful day. 


  1. I haven't seen your game room before, how fun! I love your two guest rooms, the needlepoint and of course that great Tartan quilt. Thankyou for sharing your thoughts on the reality of how covid affects us. I like to keep things real in blogging. I understand that people want to escape on the blogs but some of us are really transparent. I totally get it. Have a great weekend!

  2. They're all terrific, Katie. The guest rooms are perfect havens and I know you'll be spending a lot of time in the "Plaid" room. I love plaid! I finally felt well enough to do a bit the other day and today pulled a more things together so it's looking like Christmas in here. It'll take some time -- I still can't lift anything very heavy so the big tree won't be up till Rick can help. But it looks festive and I needed festive! You do, too!

  3. So Cute. I love all the pillows.