Thursday, December 17, 2020

The Christmas Hutch

Do you remember the hutch we bought in August? We snagged it for less than $300.00 at our favorite antique shop out by our new weekend house. 
We are calling it Starsky The Hutch. Does that date me? I don't care. Haha. Do you name your furniture?
We started naming ours a few years ago.  Moving stuff around when we got our floors last year solidified our art and practice for furniture nomenclature. 

I love this piece and it is so much fun in our entryway.
Our foyer is two stories which is typical in 90's homes. It's a bit of wasted space, if you ask me and it makes the house harder to heat and cool.  
I've had a hard time deciding what to put here at times but

the scale of Starsky is appropriate to the space. 
Speaking of scale -  As Bill and I have shopped for furniture for the new house, I've noticed that furniture these days is so oversized that it is difficult to find something for smaller spaces. 
Bill would find something that he liked and I would say, "The scale is off." 
I can't tell you how many times I said it.
He finally said, "I'm bigger than you are. What fits you, doesn't feel comfortable to me." 
He thought I kept trying to find furniture that was scaled to my size instead of his. 
I told him that I was referring the scale of the room! 
I'm a selfish furniture buyer. However, he has no idea what it is like to have your legs stick off of a couch like Edith Ann. (Dated myself again) 

It was fun to decorate our new hutch for fall but it was a delight to decorate it for Christmas. 

The brown transferware was switched for red. Although, brown transferware and a gingerbread theme would be totally fun. 
Like totally. 

The red dishes give it a Christmas-y feel but I added a few other Christmas bits. 

The little St. Nick came from The Green Flea in NYC. I loved that flea market which was in an old elementary school. 
The school may still be open but the flea market is closed, I think. 
It's signed by the artist who was there selling her handmade Santas, angels, and snowmen. 

She was Eastern European so her creations have that old world look that I adore. 

I have no idea how old this piece might be. 
I love this door catch. 

The child's little cup was from my grandparent's house. It might have been my mom's or grandmother's I'm not sure. The graphics are amazing.  

It's one of my favorites to pull out each year. 

Some of the glass is wavy glass but most of the panes have been replaced. We had to replace the one we broke in transit. 

I found the red onion scoop in Arkansas on vacation one year. 

I love how adding a few ornaments and some greenery make a vignette Christmas-y. 

My precious babies circa 1993. Our first Christmas in this house. 

That is all for now, Sweet Friends. 
I hope you enjoyed seeing Starsky. 
Come see me again. I think the dining and living rooms will be my next post. 
Have a blessed and peaceful day. 


  1. Edith Ann...haha. Hi Katie, I love your hutch in the entry. It is decorated so sweetly too. Blessings to you, xoxo, Susie

  2. Great minds think alike! I have a big, solitary corbel against the side of my grandfather’s bookcase.

    Look up Judy Taylor Hill on FB. She lives in Kilgore, collects antiques and puts everything in her house up for sale twice a year. Since she can’t have her home shows this year,she has been posting photos online and you can book a time to visit her. She s a lovely and gracious interior designer that loves ok’d stuff.

  3. The hutch is wonderful, Katie, and I love the child's cup most of all. I know exactly what you mean about furniture. I desperately want a new sofa but they don't even fit through the door of my 1960s ranch. My house is small and big furniture eats up too much space. Not to mention the Edith Ann syndrome. It's really a dilemma if you want something new and I'm never all that comfortable buying used upholstered furniture -- you never know what's inside!

  4. Snort-laugh out loud. I said the very same Edith Ann reference this past weekend when I was trying out a new sofa. IF I didn't have the extra throw pillow behind me, my feet stuck straight out. Even when I did use the extra pillow, only the tips of my toes touched the floor. The woes of the vertically challenged. :) I really look forward to your posts and have been excited about your country house and the changes you are making to it. Until we find ours, I will dream through your adventure. Have a Blessed Christmas and a Happy New Year.