Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Farmhouse Screened In Porch Reveal

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? I hope this finds you well and encouraged. 

The screened in porch at our little house is finished. I am so excited to share it with you. This is our first completed space. 
If you have been following, this porch was one of the few things that I liked about the house,
I didn't love this property. Bill did such a good job picking out our suburban house in 1993 that I let him have his way on this one too. I suspected that by the time the redecoration was complete, I would love this house as much as he loves the land but it was going to take some work for me to fall in love with it. 
We have worked out booties off. 

Here is a before picture of the porch. 

It was used as a hanging out area for kids and grandkids. 

There was damage where the rain water rolls off of the roof and splashes up against the bottom portion of the walls. 

Bill took the damaged wood panels out and rebuilt them with exterior siding. 

He had one wall finished and primed in one weekend. 
He did the other wall the next weekend. 

Covid has put some kinks in getting materials for the house. Because we are running in quickly to grab those things which we cannot order online, invariably we have grabbed the wrong thing. Such is the case with the screened in porch. Bill inadvertently picked up two different types of siding but they are similar enough so he isn't going to redo it. The walls are repaired and that is the important thing. A screened in porch with holes in the walls defeats the purpose, does it not? We'll be discussing guttering at some point. 

The wall in the image below was finished before the wall repairs were done. 
I love it. 

The color is Alabaster by Sherwin Williams. The door color is Rookwood Shutter Green also by Sherwin Williams. 
The youth bed came from my grandparent's lake cottage in Wisconsin. The antique frame surrounds a new supported seat. After a stint in the attic it is ready for use once again. It would originally have had a section that rolled out to make a larger sleeping surface but that section was gone before I got this piece. I'm happy that it is here out in a rural area once again. 
The light fixture came from the ReStore. It was $7.50. The chalkboard was from my old classroom. The wall decor came from one of the hobby/craft stores. I don't remember which one. 
The buffalo check pillows were made from fabric from Joann's. I was able to order it online which was nice. I made the grain sack pillow too out of a grain sack that I found at Hobby Lobby of all places. They had antiques from Europe one spring. They have never done that since. 
The needlepoint pillow was a thrifted find.  

Clearly, I need to stretch the Natural duck canvas for the seat. It is from Joanns's too. 

 The wood top table is from a child's ice cream set. I inherited it instead of one of my five brothers. I was in the 6th grade or so when it was sent to the church rummage sale by my step mother. I pulled it from the sale with some encouragement from of one of my step mom's friends. I risked getting in huge trouble when I got home but I did it anyway. It was darling in my daughter's room when she was a toddler. It's been all over my house over the years. I think I still have 4 of the original 6 chairs. 

The white chair came from the thrift store. It was only $5.00. I thought Bill would have a fit because I bought another chair but it's a cutie. 
The little table used to be next to the tub in our bathroom but the top took a beating with the water. The bottom is Rust-Oleum 2x Ultra Cover Paint + Primer in Moss Green. 
It is my favorite green spray paint. You will see this color again and again. 

Other seating includes two black metal chairs that were found at an estate sale this summer. 
The stool was in one of the deer blinds. Bill hauled it up to the house and I repainted it with green camo paint. It's a good color but it's a very flat sheen. It may get repainted. 
The table came from our gameroom at home.

This is our collection of pine cones so far. I love how big they are but we have small ones too.  
Bill found the feather. I picked up the moss on a walk out there. The basket was a roadside find this summer. 

The side of an old glider rests against the wall as a decor piece. We snagged it from the curb. 
 I adore the design and the color. 

My mother in law's potting bench finally has a spot on display. It's been in our garage as a little work station for me but it wasn't being used to cuteness potential. It's also been invaluable as a work station during the redecoration of this house. 

The little chair was rescued from my school. The camp stool was a thrift store find and makeover. 

You can see the view out to the cabin. It will be our next big project. 

I love the view out to the carport. 

The green barn door to the shed is one of my favorite lines of sight. 

That is about all for now. 

Thank you so much for checking out our new screened in porch. 
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  1. Oh how wonderful, a screened in porch! You can arrange and rearranged all the time our there. You all did a good job updating It.
    I have always wanted a porch like that adjoined to my kitchen and last estimate was $25,000 !!!!!and on a retired income I just couldn't do it.
    Also love seeing your dog enjoying the porch.
    It looks great

    happy New Year


  2. It looks so good. I wish I could have an outdoor enclosed porch. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  3. So Katie, it looks fabulous. But I have a question. It's all screened in, right? No window-windows (like our porch at the lake). So when you get heavy rain, will your furniture and such be OK, indoor/outdoor rug? It's so cute, I'd hate to see things damaged! When we're at the cottage we're always keeping an eye out for a "slanted" storm (versus straight-down rain) and quick grab the cushions! I love the youth bed and all your cozy touches!

    1. Thank you. The youth bed and white chair will not get wet because of the carport. I would not want those ruined. The potting bench may occasionally but I'm not concerned about damage. I doubt the rug will get wet. We get downpours but we don't get too much slanted rain. I've never even heard of that. We were even in a bit of a drought recently.

  4. Wow your screened porch looks great. Love that you're carrying the green outdoors.

    The iron piece leaning is a great find. Awesome pinecones too.


  5. The porch has turned out so cute Katie. I also love the view of the green barn door. :-)
    Your property seems so peaceful. I am sure you will grow to really love it there.

  6. Love your porch Katie! I have always wanted one and yours turned out so great. It looks so cozy and inviting. I hope you have many wonderful days enjoying your new space! Have a great weekend.

  7. Love all the details you put into your room. So pretty!