Monday, January 4, 2021

Winter Decorations After Christmas

We still have a lot of winter left but the house always looks a little bleak once then Christmas decor is put away.
I can't just jump into spring. What do you do? 
I love winter decor. It's tranquil after all the circus of color during fall and Christmas. 
Here are some areas that I've styled for the season. 

Most of my winter decor is neutral Christmas decor and most of it was found on after Christmas clearance. 

I've tried pulling it out at Christmas but it typically it doesn't get used until the Santas, elves, reindeer and plaid is all put away. This year some of that was switched out even before Christmas day. 
It was too much clutter for me this year. 
I love the black and white images of my mother pulling my siblings on the sleigh. It is delightful. I miss my mother so much. 

I keep a stash of sweater pillows and throws for colder months. I love them with my ticking stripe pillows. Ticking is a staple in our decor. 

The book is a diary of Edith Holden. Her illustrations are just the best. 
I found this copy on eBay. 

I made one of those sweater wreaths last winter. 

The black and white ceramic snowman was a thrifted find. I think he is just the cutest. I love that he has no red on him so he's perfect for after Christmas decorating. He was only $1.99.

Paperwhites play a large role in our decor this month. Mine are faux. 

I've forced real ones but I really don't like the way they smell. Plus, they have a tendency to flop over.  

Red transferware and plaid was traded for blue. 
The blue plaid is fun and a little unexpected. Blue is a wonderful accent color in January. 

Birds with glittery nests dot a few surfaces. 

Here are some rare nighttime photos with candlelight. 

Finally, my prized German snowbabies. These were $11.00 off of eBay ages ago. I searches for months before I found them. They were cake decorations. 

That's about it for now. 
I hope you are well. 


  1. Your winter decor is just beautiful. I love blue and white together, it is so calming. Take care. Liz

  2. Hmmm I need to add my Snowbabies to my tiered tray this year!!

  3. Your neutral decor is lovely. I'll take the big tree down after Twelfth night and leave two or three of the smaller, less Christmassy ones up for a bit. The Santas are down; the snow folk will come up on the next basement trip, probably. And the Christmas china replaced by the snowman dishes. My paperwhites (real) are beginning to flop and are staked but I loved watching them every day, a sign that despite the snow, things grow. I'll probably snip most of them down later this week -- some of the flowers are beginning to shrivel. In winter I tend to avoid neutrals and lights; we have enough white when I look out the window!

  4. All your winter decor is pretty. Love those pillows. Cozy and pretty!
    Happy New Week. xoxo Kris

  5. Each and every vignette is so darling!! I’m in love with that cute snowman. You have such a lovely style, Katie.

  6. Katie,
    Everything looks so pretty!!! I am just starting to change everything over to Winter decor..It should take me about 3 weeks!!!
    Thanks so much for stopping by!!! Stay safe , healthy and happy!!