Thursday, February 4, 2021

Fun In East Texas

Hi, Friends, 
How in the world are you? 
It hasn't been all work and no play for Bill and Katie out in East Texas. We have had tons of fun too. 
Here are a few highlights. 

We explored a town near us while we went to the flooring store.

We ate lunch out in a darling park and watched some families play. 

It was a beautiful fall day. 

We explore our woods and pick up trash. Sometimes there is a treasure. 

I found the bike on the edge of the woods. 

Bill found the stool. They both got spruced up with some spray paint. 

Sometimes the trash is just trash. 

Thank you, wind, for knocking this over for us. It's much easier to take apart now.

Seeing the garden reveal treasures has been especially fun for me. 
I was tickled pink to see oxalis coming back to life after its summer die back. 
I've had oxalis for 32 years or so. It is a faithful bloomer in our suburban yard. I was so happy to see it here too. 

The daffodils area recent discovery. They form two big rings around the tree in front of the house. Bill found these. 

I think I know where the dogwood tree is. Spring flowering will confirm if my suspicions are correct. 

We found a really fun yard sale and bought some treasures.

I'm in love with this oil can. 

We explored the shops in town too. The bifold doors hid the hot water heater. The little table came from the yard sale. I painted it. 

Bill found his dream hardware store. 
I knew he was smitten as soon as I saw rows and rows of buckets full of nails. 

We also take time to walk about the yard and dream about how it can look. 
Part of that was figuring out the placement of the deer blind into shabby chic potting shed. 
It will store flower pots and such. 

I thought it'd be cute to the left of the back door.  It would be convenient in that location but it would also be seen from the front of the property. Right now it's in front of the cabin. I'd be behind the cabin. I'm not sure that is the right placement.  
The cabin and the potting shed need paint in a bad way but I'm waiting for a nice day.

Regardless, the door was facing the wrong way so it needed to be turned around. It's on slides so that it can be moved. One morning, we chained it to the back of the pick up and turned it around. 

Now, that was fun. Let the transformation begin. 
There will be much more fun in the days to come. I hope you will stop by to see.


  1. Oh so jealous that you are seeing flowers popping up. Nothing like that here except snow snow snow. Love seeing all the fun treasures you found.

  2. You are finding lots of interesting things to do out here. If you near SH 14 between 49 and 154 (east of Mineola and Pine Mills Pottery) be sure to check out Daffodil Hill. Both sides of SH14 are covered in the Little Sweetie daffodils.

  3. Hi katie, did you guys move out there full time? What a fun time exploring!