Monday, February 8, 2021

Recent Thrifted Finds

Hi, Friends,
Every once in a while, I love showing you my thrifty treasures and you seem to enjoy these posts. 
I've been avoiding buying retail for new spring decor so thrifted is the way to go. 

Bill found a yard sale on his way to the dump. 
He stopped on his way back. 
He surprised me with two cute things. I had to see the sale for myself so we went back together. 

We think this is an oil can. It was only $2.00. 
He also found a cute table for $5.00. 

It's been chalk painted and waxed. It's in the laundry room in East Texas. 
The seller and his wife lived in Germany for a while. They married later in life, and he was selling what they didn't need from their combined households. 
This German tureen was only a few dollars. 

Same thing with a white crock. The crock is holding utensils above the cabinets which explains the weirdness of the photo. 

 Sadly, his wife is disabled from a series of strokes. She and her sister did ceramics.  
I picked up a pair of pretty swans.

There were a few random pieces of a nativity set. Cows are fun anytime of year. 
There was also a couple of squirrel unfinished bisque pieces. They will show up next fall. 

At an antique/junk store we found a pair of doors to screen the hot water heater. 
We also found a couple of windows for the future potting shed project at the same store. We are waiting for a nice weekend to begin that project. This coming weekend will not be the weekend. We are supposed to have a low of 16˚. Brrrr. 

At some point I picked up a baggie of little copper molds for just a few dollars. I think I got these at the thrift store but I cannot remember. 
Two little copper hearts were in the group. I just love them.  

I've been on the hunt for a lingerie chest for the new house.
I didn't find one at my antique store in town but I managed to find some stuff on clearance. 

A darling green metal mirror. There is a pocket to hold a comb and brush. It was splurge at $30.00. 
The rose pitcher was a few dollars. The silk hydrangeas were found at the thrift store. They came from Hobby Lobby and still had the tags on them.

 I didn't find a dresser in town so we went to my favorite antique store out in Quitman. Bill dropped me off and went to the hardware store. That is never a good thing. 
They didn't have one but I did pick up a few really fun finds. 
This transferware platter was only $19.00

I was looking for something for the new hymnal holder that Bill made me. 

I was almost done when I spotted this to match. It was $15.00. I'm sure it's supposed to have a lid. 

He hasn't had a high turnover rate the last year or so. I'd seen some antique scales the last few times we stopped in but I passed each time. This time I couldn't pass one up. 

It is too cute. It was $69.00 which I felt a very good price. 
There is one on Esty just like it for almost $200.00. The shipping for that one was what I paid for this. 
This one wasn't staying out in East Texas. It's just too cute. 

I styled it up with the new pitcher and one of the new copper hearts. 
I love it rust and all. 
That is all for now, friends. 
I hope your week is off to a good start. 


  1. Your thrift store and yard sale finds are always so wonderful! Those items would be priced much much higher where I live. Enjoy them all!

  2. Hi Katie,

    Love all your finds. Very clever way to hide the water heater.

    Adore the tureen from Germany and pieces of transferware.

    A shame about his wife and strokes. I don't like hearing about people suffering.

    Enjoy your finds.


  3. Love all your thrift finds. That little table in your laundry room is so cute. Happy New Week. xoxo

  4. I really DO love these kind of posts. It's like I get to go along shopping with you! You found some really sweet things; love them displayed at your new country house!

  5. You are so rocking it! Wonderful finds, each and every one. I think you must live in antique country -- I love that tureen and the white jug especially and good find with that scale! Very fun,Katie!

  6. Have you found a new place out here in east Texas to thrift? Inquiring minds want to know.

    1. There is one in Quitman that I love. Antiques on Main. There are a couple in Winnsboro that I like. Happy Thrifting.