Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Romantic Decor For February

Hi, Friends,
I'm very late getting some Valentine's Day decor posted but I thought I'd share some of my sweet February images. 

Sweet cherubs are perfect for romantic February decor. 

I used to have cherubs and angels all over the place but I curated my collection and saved my favorite pieces. 

I brought a few of my concrete statues into the house because we are getting a deeper freeze this weekend. This one is not an antique but she's been in the garden long enough to look like it. 

Swans are sentimental and sweet for February. 

Rose pitcher on an antique French scale

Needlepoint heart

I stitched up the pansy motif heart out of an old piece of needlepoint. It is a new favorite. 

Some faux tin scrapes left over from our backsplash at the country house was easily cut into hearts. 
I love these too. 

Old keys are fun this time of year. 

Birds are a fun motif this month too. 

Lace Heart

There you go. I hope it's not too late for a little Valentine's Day inspiration.  Stay warm and stay well. 


  1. Your valentines day decor is really sweet. I never think it is too late for fun valentines. Have a great rest of the week. xoxo Kris

  2. Katie,
    Love all your pretty vintage items for Valentine's.. Thanks so much for stopping by and glad to heat that my post about the snow storm brought back some childhood memories for you!!Stay safe, healthy and happy!

  3. Very pretty Katie. Love the first piece, so sweet.


  4. Katie, you are so clever! Both the topiaries and the needlepoint heart are great projects. You have me thinking of making some vintage needlepoint hearts.
    Stay warm and stay safe. This storm is causing lots of concern.