Thursday, March 11, 2021

Painting The Front Door

Hello, Friends,
How are you? I hope this finds you peaceful and well.

I've spent a bit of time walking around the yard here in town and doing some clean up after Uri. 
A lot has rebounded already. The roses, hydrangeas, honeysuckle all look great. The wax leaf ligustrums have not recovered. They are probably history and all that remains is to cut them down with the chainsaw. Bill was taking a walkabout with me to assess the rebound and I remarked that the front door had faded since we bought it. The trim also needed to be re-stained. I'm not sure exactly what I said but Bill suggested that I paint the door. 

What??? He rarely suggests painting wood.  
Our Craftsman style door isn't wood. It's fiberglass. We've had it about 12 years. I had a terrible time matching the stain when I did touch ups a few years ago. There was a terrible scratch in it from when the crazy dog broke into my house. I didn't look forward to trying to match the stain again. 
Trying to match the faux wood pattern seems impossible.
Bill knew how frustrating it was the last time it needed touching up. 

I've learned to not let the dust settle when Bill suggests something. It's not a good idea to give him time to change his mind. We had a quart of paint that didn't get used in East Texas. I decided to give it a try on the door. 
The original door on this house was green and I'd missed it. 

 The trees are still dormant. I think it will be pretty when the trees have leafed out. 
The color is Coastal Plain by Sherwin Williams. 

 It makes the porch look bigger. 

I'm wild about how the dentil shelf looks. The hardware looks better too.
The leaded glass stands out more. 

I debated about the back of the door. 
I could have left it stained but it had scratches too. I've seen some pretty gray interior doors but I cannot pick out gray paint for some reason. I did black doors once. Nope. 

I had white from all the floor molding so that is what I used. 

I can always change it later if I morph into someone who can pick out gray paint. 
This is Snowbound also by Sherwin Williams. 

Dixie is wondering why I'm offering her a cookie. 

That was my project this week. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. It's gorgeous, I love it! It really brightens and opens up your front space. That's such a pretty color green, and the white inside looks amazing!

  2. I love the color Katie and it does brighten up your front door. I like that color of white you used on the back of the door too. Happy Weekend. xoxo

  3. That pretty soft green was a great choice!

  4. the door looks great. I love the color and I'm especially happy to hear the garden is coming back from the storm!

  5. Love it Katie! That color just pops out next to the white frame and the surrounding brick! I think you did good using white on the interior side. It looks pretty with your molding and you're right... you can always change it later. Thanks for sharing.

  6. My favorite color of green made a beautiful door! I absolutely LOVE it!!! have a great week!


    Tee @ Teediddlydee