Monday, June 7, 2021

The Old World Design Society

Hi, Friends, 
How are you? 

Several years ago, a video popped up on my YouTube feed. It was a new house tour which is a genre that I just love. I watched the video and I've followed Parisienne Farmgirl ever since. Some of you O.G. bloggers may remember her blog from way back when but I didn't find Angela's blog until I started watching her on YouTube. 

We have reconnected with friends recently and it seems that our friends did a lot of redecorating in the last year. I would call their new look Transitional which is modern mixed with traditional. Our friends have some Modern Farmhouse thrown in as well. It's a style comprised of clean lines, lack of clutter but with a touch of something traditional. It set up a desire to modernize our space but the phrase, "Check yourself before you wreck yourself." came to mind. 

With the exception of upholstered pieces, new stuff isn't really my thing. If you have been around a while, that is abundantly clear. I've fallen into the trap of buying new and each time, I'm disappointed in the look and in the quality. That new stuff gets rotated out of here at warp speed. 

I was at the Pottery Barn Outlet the other day. The finish on one corner of an end table had broken off. The material underneath the veneer was indistinguishable. It didn't even look like particle board. The piece was extremely expensive considering it was damaged. 
Thanks but "No." 

I prefer old stuff. 
We're more comfortable surrounding ourselves with objects that have a story or have some sentimental value. 

I thought I was a little alone in this but I realize that a lot of you have the same interest in stuff with a story which is why you visit my blog. 

In January, a post came across my feed on Facebook. Angela was starting a new society - The Old World Design Society. You can find out all about it here and here
I immediately signed up even though I've never been one to sign up for stuff. 
Let me tell you why I love it. 

The magazine is so inspiring. It reminds me of the old Victoria Magazine. The images are just gorgeous. 
The Facebook group which is only available to society members is so much fun. 
It's helped improve my Facebook feed. 

I have found a group of individuals who share my love of old things. Members share images of their own  homes, collectables and thrifty finds. 

 Surrounding ourselves with cozy accoutrements seemed important in the last year. Until we bought the ranch house in the woods, we were home all the time. The house didn't have to be decorated for company because there was no company. It could be decorated just for us. We could be enveloped with bits of clutter and not be embarrassed by it. If it seemed too much, it was put away. 

My style has fluctuated a little over the years based on trends and interests but it has been consistently defined by an Old World aesthetic. 
The purge urge may strike but that desire is usually fleeting and I fall in love with the old, worn and beautiful all over again. 

Periodically, I like to share what I'm loving and I love this society. 
If a paid subscription isn't your thing, you can follow Angela on all her social media platforms. 
That is about it for now. 

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