Thursday, July 1, 2021

Summer Decor In The Garden Room

Hi, Friends,
How are you? I hope that you healthy and well. 
I've done a little summer and Patriotic decorating in our sunroom. 
Patriotic decor doesn't stay out for long around here so getting it blogged about in a timely fashion just doesn't happen. It's cute so better late than never. 

A thrifted Uncle Sam whirly gig sits on the end table. 
He was sitting in the store for a couple of weeks looking a little forlorn.
 I appreciate the craftsmanship of this handmade item so it came home with me. 

I love a white sofa because with a quick pillow swap it has a new look. 

The P. Kaufman Queensland fabric has long been a favorite of mine. My local upholstery shop still had several yards on a roll. I bought all that he had. We used to have a red sofa and with pillows in the same print, The original pillows and sofa are long gone and I was happy to make some new ones. 
This print may seem dated since it was such a hit in the late 90s but I think it's a classic.   
The red floral and fruit ground is great with the flag pillow that I made from a placemat. 
Oh, how I wish I'd bought more of those placemats. 
I made the sailboat quilt for our son when he was a toddler. 
He has kept it here since frequent moves are part of this lifestyle. 

 We enclosed the original back porch in 2003. We needed a little place to retreat from teenagers and garage bands. This little sunroom is diminutive at only a little over 9 feet wide but it lives larger since double French doors open out from the breakfast nook. It is such a useable space for us. Bill has his little corner where he enjoys his morning coffee and an evening YouTube video. The rack above his chair is undecorated right now since our new kitty took a fancy to the decor up there. 

My seeds are stored in my great grandparent's wedding chest. The favor from the garden's flowers are dropped in little containers in the top drawer until they are called in to service the next year. The seeds  are temperature controlled because of our mini-split. The mini-split is one of our best investments. It keeps this room cool or toasty depending on the season. 

It is rare that I show complete angles of this room.

There are plants everywhere during an extreme cold snap. The floor is practical but it needs an update. I just can't seem to face cracking up another tile floor.

The dish dresser is one of my favorite pieces to decorate with seasonal or holiday decor. 

Vintage and newer gardening books rest on the shelves but they are handy for perusing. 
Fun vintage decor bits are sprinkled in amongst the books and plants. 

That's about it for now. It was fun showing off our festive decor.
It's hard to believe that July is here already. 
Have a wonderful Independence Day! 


  1. Love those red floral pillows, have a great 4th weekend!

  2. It looks beautiful Katie. Happy 4th. xoxo Kris

  3. Katie, I love your blog. I love that you appreciate the workmanship of Uncle Sam. I love that you love your family pieces and use them in your home. I love how you keep things real and I especially love your sense of humor. Oh, yeah, I love those pillows. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This is very cheery and patriotic. That chest of your grandmothers really makes me smile. I could imagine spending many pleasant hours in this room!