Friday, August 13, 2021

Wear The Fancy Nightgown

Hello, Friends,
I hope you are well and encouraged. 
When we cleaned out my grandparent's house, I came across a stack of boxed nightgowns. We all assumed that my grandmother was saving them for "some day". That day never came and the fancy nightgowns were given away or sold at the estate sale.

In contrast, when I helped clean out my husband's grandmother's house, all the fancy stuff was clearly used. There wasn't a lot to sell at an estate sale because the glassware and china was chipped or damaged. These were signs of items that were used and loved.

I'd like to always be the person that uses the fancy things. I can't say that we're always successful but we try.

We use the antique and vintage glassware that was passed on to us from Bill's Granny Vi and my mother in law.

I use the stunning Waterford vases that I've received as gifts even though I'll afraid that I'll chip them. 
It's also nerve wracking with a new kitty but so far she has been good and she understands 'No!" 

I moved the sterling flatware so that it is more assessable. I hope that we will use it more often. Bill hasn't agreed to using it daily since the pieces should be handwashed but I'm trying to win him over on this. Supposedly, it has medicinal value but even that didn't win him over. 

I wear dresses almost every day. They are more comfortable than jean shorts in the summer time. Forget about wearing jeans in Texas during the late summer months. I've even been wearing my "church" dresses. 

We used the pillow cases embroidered by my mother and grandmother. Guess what? They wore out. 
That's okay. 
We have some new thrifted cases to replace the originals. 

Things will get broken.

Bill and I both have had separate accidents with the family crystal. Fortunately, Replacements Ltd. had the pattern in stock both times.
That isn't the case with his grandparent's pattern so when one breaks it's gone for good.

More and more, I find things while out thrifting. Elusive collectables that were once hard to find are now turning up because the generation following mine doesn't really want our stuff. 

The last year points to the fragility of life. 
Beautiful things inspire and encourage me. They add joy to our life. 
They should be used today because who knows what tomorrow will bring. 

Ultimately, joy isn't found in hobbies or things but is found in a grounding in who we are, what we believe and what we were created to be. 
We visited a pottery and garden the other day. The pottery was beautiful but the garden was exquisite. 
Bill said that by complimenting the owner on her stunning landscape that I "spoke to her heart" with my words. 
I didn't realize that I was doing that but I hope to try to be a person that speaks to a person's heart and soul. 

These are discouraging times. I have had several bouts of discouragement in the last year even though I have a lot to be thankful for. 
I love creating a curated, calm, and cozy home. It's my hobby but it also speaks to my heart and I hope that it speaks to yours as well. 
 Using those fancy and pretty things adds something special to our every day not just "the some day". 
I hope this inspire you to get out the crystal and fluff the bed with an embroidered pillow case. 
Thanks so much for stopping by. 


  1. I agree it is good to use the things you love and enjoy. The younger generation probably won't feel the same way about older, cherished things. I see those things all the time at the Good Will. It makes me sad. I love all the things I have inherited from my Grandparents/Parents. I should use them more often too. I am one for saying I will do that next time etc. Thanks for your post!

  2. Katie, I love this post. We need the beauty of cherished things more now than ever. We are living in crazy times! I also love that Bill recognised your generosity and encouragement. Now that's a man! We got a double whammy of kindness from the two you. Thank you!

  3. You spoke to my heart! When we were first married, we didn’t have much at all. 46 years later, we’ve inherited many lovely pieces of chinaware and crystal…..I’m just now enjoying these things because….why have them if not to use and see!? Your sentiments in this post are so like mine. But you’re a whole lot cuter! Thanks a million for these words of wisdom that are so ‘me’ also. Have a happy weekend. xo, V

  4. Hi Katie,
    I think it is great that we have beautiful things and we should use them. I mix my treasured pieces of china and crystal with my regular everyday. I like the pretty with the ordinary together. Have a great weekend. xoxo

  5. You don't know how many boxes of my mother-in-law's things I went through. She had them packed away for years. Amid the bunches of newspaper clippings, I would find a box with a diamond wedding set or some similar treasure. You made a good point about the generation below us. There's only a few family things my girls will want.

  6. Katie, love this post so much!! Thank you for the encouragement and reminder to enjoy and treasure our gifts.

  7. So very true. I use everything I own and am constantly rearranging the place settings with a new napkin/charger, etc. I love it.

  8. This post certainly spoke to my heart. I have so many beautiful things left from my mom, mother-in-law and both grandmothers. No other family member wants them. I cannot part with them. I try to use them but not enough probably. I’m 75 now and who knows how long I will live. But my family will have it all to deal with then and I’m guessing they will keep it for sentimental reasons.
    I’ve also had many bouts of discouragement recently. Once again for me, quarantine or not? I’ve had the vaccine but now the new strain. I’m trying to lean n the Lord and let Him guide me.

  9. I learned this lesson a long time ago and I live it every day. There is no point in doing otherwise. So I use my mom's crystal and dishes and silver quite regularly and so many other family treasures --or things I just love and have collected over the years. Molly will want some but certainly not all and who knows if cousins will or not. But it will come to them loved and used.

    You say it so well.

  10. What a beautiful post and filled with so much truth. I use everything I have. I refuse to put it away for a rainy day. I am like my late Motherinlove....she used to say, " I will no long wait on banana's to get ripe! I knew what she meant. Cherish each moment we have is my motto. Encourage others as our words may be the only source of encouragement they get. Girl...I am with you! I would rather wear little pullover dresses than hot jean shorts or jeans any day in the summer. And, you look adorable with your little tiny self. Enjoy your week and stay healthy. Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  11. Hi Katie,
    I love this post. It sure is true. My mom kept all "the good stuff" hidden away for someday and sadly she passed from cancer at only 68. I do use the special dishes, serving pieces and silver on holidays but after reading your post, maybe I will use it more often. Thanks and have a great week!

  12. Great post and something I have tried to do my whole life...My mother was always saving nice nightgown and robes for "when she went to the hospital"..Well, when that happened and she was a patient for 8 weeks before passing away, all she could wear were hospital gowns until we moved her to Hospice and they dressed her in beautiful nightgowns and robes and did her hair up....we ended up donating all of her nightgowns and robes that she saved to that hospice unit to use for other patients....So Yes, I beleive in using the "good Stuff"! By the way, I don't even own a dress and haven't for about 20 years!! LOL!!!!
    Great post!

  13. This is a lovely post Katie. And oh so true! I agree whole heartily. Thanks for the reminder! XO- MaryJo