Friday, November 25, 2022

Plaid Lampshades And A Thrifted Santa

Hi, Friends,
How was your Thanksgiving? I hope it was lovely.
We had a nice quiet day with two of our children. 

I've been working on some Christmas projects. I usually start decorating before Christmas. I think it harkens to my days as a teacher because I wanted to get it all done during Thanksgiving break. 
When I waited until the day after Thanksgiving, I was exhausted by the time the break was over. We'd head into to December festivities and then I'd fight exhaustion all month long. So, as soon as Halloween is over, I begin a some projects. 

This summer I found this wonderful Santa at my second favorite thrift store. He was only $25.00. 
He's about 2.5 feet tall. 

He needed a refresh and some lights. 

I rewrapped his presents with better plaid and stuffed his bag with some updated greens and a cute gingerbread man. 

I decorated the dining room in traditional plaid with Old World ornaments on the tree. 
I didn't use these last year because of the new kitty. 

She's pretty chill so they get to be out again. 

I thought lampshades to match this scheme would be fun for the chandelier. 
I found a set of them in a dusty antique shop in East Texas.

This is pretty easy to do and they look so pretty with the light coming through. 

Except for the tree, I got this all styled, took some photos and then packed it up for when the kids came over. 
I'll have fun putting it all back out. 

I spent two days looking for a little mouse ornament. 
I finally spied his foot poking out behind a little bowl of apples on my spice cabinet.
That wasn't frustrating at all. Ha! 

I've accidentally thrown away Christmas decor in wrapping paper. 
My son sent him to me so I would have been sad to have lost him. 
The kitchen is going to have a few darling mice peeping about this year. 

I also lost a brass reindeer. I used him in the table setting below in 2020. 

Christmas was depressing that year.
 I packed it all away before Christmas day so there is not telling what I did with it. 
I have the other brass deer. I have the angel and all the other elements on the table. I've searched through all my decor and purged in the process. I finally broke down and bought a new set off of eBay. If it turns up. I'll take to East Texas to join the other one. 
I have a new plan for my Christmas decor that I'll share with you soon. 

That is all for now. 
Have fun decorating for the season ahead. 


  1. Katie, your chandelier is absolutely gorgeous with the red plaid shades. I love all your Tartan touches and the beautiful Santa and little mouse. Glad to hear that kitty is behaving so you can enjoy your Christmas decor. I was safe unless it fell to the floor, then they were all over it. I'd love you to show your mirror decor with the plaid ribbon. It's beautiful. Happy weekend!

  2. All of your decorations are so pretty. The shades are really cute.
    I'm glad you found the little mouse - Now to find that deer???
    That's so frustrating since you have all the other pieces that were in that display.
    It will probably show up someday.