Wednesday, June 14, 2023

A Perfect Furniture Piece For East Texas

Hi, Friends,
How are you? It has been a while. I guess I'm blogging about once a month these days. 
I remember when I first started blogging. It was like I couldn't wait to tell you all something. I didn't even know who y'all were but I needed to blog about everything. 
Now that I'm out of the habit, I forget to catch you up. 

If you have followed me for a while, you may have picked up on the fact that my husband works hard.
He's approaching retirement age in a few years and it looked like he was going to get to move into another role which would mean a little more flexibility and his days would be a little less busy. He needs insurance until he is eligible for Medicare which will be two years from this Friday. 
 If they were able to find his replacement and he could work from East Texas, I'd begun to imagine selling this house and down sizing. I talked about this in my last post. It's almost like I need to mull this over and over in order to prepare. I love our big house, but as I said, the city house is too big and the country house is a little too small. I've thought long and hard about what furniture pieces have to make the move. 

One piece has already found a place in East Texas. 

We are there so much more that I'd ever imagined. We hit the road every Friday night unless we have other weekend plans. At first, I wanted my favorite pieces stay at the house in the city so I furnished E.T. with a lot of thrifted items. Since we are there so much and I've begun to imagine living there full time, I've slowly been moving things out there. 
I've needed a dresser in East Texas. Currently all my clothes stay in my overnight duffle or they are hung up in a closet that Bill and I share. I had two tiny drawers in the closet but that was all.  
Initially, I'd intended to buy something but I've not seen anything that would work.
It suddenly dawned on my that I had the perfect piece in the garden room. 

My great, grandmother's wedding chest. That is what it is labeled on the back. 
This would have belonged to my mother's grandmother. 

I'm not really sure what this would have been used for. If you know, let me know. 
I'm sure at some point it had been refinished. The pulls don't seem appropriate for the piece. I don't really care about that though. This came to me through my step-mother. I'm not sure why she felt the need to keep for 45 years or why she carted it from Texas to Oklahoma. I was the first one to get married and it seems like it should have been passed to me back then.  But that's "water under the bridge", as they say. 

I had in two different spots in the garden room since I've had it. It was against the brick behind the French door or next to the couch. I loved it next to the couch but it stuck out a little far. 

As soon as I show you Bill's East Texas dresser, you will realize how perfect this is. 

Bill's dresser was thrifted. 

The color is perfect and the pulls match! 

I'm using this for my clothes and as a night stand. I'm very happy with it. 

It's perfect. 
I think I'd like to do a tour of the pieces that have to make the move. Would you like to see that? Let me know in the comments. 
That's all for now. I'm hoping to get back to a more regular blogging schedule. Ha! We'll see. 
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  1. The wedding chest is a beautiful antique piece. It is amazing how perfectly it matches the chest. I would like to read your posts of furniture pieces that you select to move to your E.T. home.

  2. What a pretty piece and it really does go well with the dresser! I'd love to see what you're taking with you. I furnished my Texas house (I moved from Arizona in 2010, where my husband's job still is) with all thrifted and auction finds. I love them, but wish I had family pieces like yours.