Monday, July 17, 2023

A Visit With My Sweet Aunt Susan

Hi, Friends,
How are you?

I love your comments on my last post about what to keep when we downsize and move to East Texas. 
I went to see my precious Aunt Susan a few weeks ago. She lives in a senior living community. My cousin oversaw the decoration of her rooms. It is the most beautiful assisted living that I've ever seen. 

It has all her favorite family pieces downsized from a large home to a cozy two bedroom apartment. 

The antique clock from New Orleans is bolted to the wall. It covers an unused coat closet. 

My aunt has an amazing collection of turquoise glass. It was collected for many years. A Dollar Tree vase from the great grandchildren fits right in.  

This was such an inspiration from the standpoint of elegantly downsizing. 
I suggested to my cousin that she come help me when we sell our city home. 
Can you see my aunt's darling little tennis shoe? I just noticed it. 

Here are some photos that I took three years ago before her move. 

This wasn't the house that I visited as a child. This was her previous home. My aunt has stayed very true to her favorite color palette. Back in the day, she and my uncle had an aqua kitchen. She loves green but think coral is her favorite color. Her old house, my cousin's childhood home, was one of my favorite places to visit. Her later place and her apartment has that same elegant and warm feel. 
I will write more about my precious aunt and what visiting her meant to me in another post. 

My cousin gifted me the every day china from that original kitchen. It's so fun to have. 

My aunt with my grandmother.

Please check out my husband's new blog. 
He's planing to write about his DIY adventures.
That's all for now. 


  1. That above photo is priceless. What a beautiful home and apartment. Your aunt has a beautiful design aesthetic!

  2. Just beautiful! How wonderful that she could downsize...yet keep the same elegant and cozy feel around her. 💗

  3. So wonderful your aunt kept the things she loved. Her home is beautiful. Blessings, xoxo, Susie P.S. I just visited your sawdust man. :)

  4. So, obviously beautiful decorating runs in your family! Your aunt's apartment is really lovely. How are you surviving the heat and is it as hot in East Texas? I love the name of your husband's new blog. Blessings!

    1. The heat has been terrible. We’re trying to stay indoors in the afternoon and evening.