Sunday, November 5, 2023

Ducks In The Holiday Cabinet And Some Other Feathered Friends

How are you? I hope you are enjoying this season. 

I love November. The weather is cooler and it finally feels like fall in Texas. While it seems that retail and social media have moved on to Christmas, I am slowing down and enjoying the present. I didn't do that last year and I got heartily sick of the Christmas clutter. I doubt my family wants me to pack up Christmas before Christmas day! 

 I have a vivid memory of our family at the park after a Thanksgiving meal. I can almost hear the leaves crunching under my feet and birds migrating overhead.  I was nature hunting while the more athletically inclined members of the family were playing football. This wasn't something we normally did. It was the first Thanksgiving after my father died and a family friend had motivated us all to get out of the house rather than sit around and watch T.V. It was a cool and crisp November afternoon at the park. 
  I've thought of that several times this week as I've sprinkled some migrating birdies around the house. 

My brother passed some of my grandmother's duck plates down to me a few years ago. 
I put them in the holiday cabinet in our garden room. 
I rounded up some other feathered friends to coordinate. 

All the duck figurines were thrifted except the green one which was carved by my father in law. 
Faux and dried cattails echo the graphic in a plate from 1911. My mom loved cattails and we had them in vases which is another vivid memory. 

Another plate is a bit larger. It's adorable too. I never thought of doing a duck theme until I received these plates. 

The cross stitch was a gift to my husband 40 years ago. 
Since I found it in a drawer, I think I'll store it with the other ducks from now on. 

Forty years ago duck decor was highly collectable. I was able to pick up the figurines for just a few dollars. 

The mallard thinks he will escape the bird cage but he's mistaken. I love decorating the bird cage. 

The mallard page from my Audubon bird book was framed in a vintage black frame. 

We attended a very soggy swap meet out in East Texas last weekend. 
This plastic decoy was only $5.00. He looks good even though he's plastic.

He's perfectly weathered and looks darling nestled in the garland. 

The kitchen niches got a few little touches. 
Is Fitz and Floyd making a comeback? I've seen it donated quite a bit lately. I found this little salt shaker recently at the thrift store. I love the fruit garland around her neck. 

The little brass duck was a recent find for a $1.00. He polished up beautifully. 

The quail is probably mid century. These were everywhere. Two of my friends have identical ones.  

I'd been looking for a brass pheasant but I've never seen one for a price that I'll pay. These clay brown ones were $8.00 each. I almost didn't get both because they are identical but I thought I'd regret it if I left one behind. 

They may end up as a centerpiece on our Thanksgiving table. 

Finally, a collection feathers congregate in a vase. I found another one recently which tickled me. Putting this little display in the cutlery box was my cousin's idea. 

That's all for now.
Have a wonderful day. See you soon. 


  1. LOVE all your birdies, Katie. And the bird cage is always a favorite. I never get tired of seeing your vintage treasures. You always inspire me with your wonderful vignettes and pieces. Enjoy your fall and Thankgiving season. I'm doing my best not to be in a hurry.

  2. I'm glad you are enjoying some cooler weather! Your fall decorating is so inspirational to me. I love the birds and ducks and the way you display them. Thank you for sharing! Blessings!

  3. I do love all the sweet duck vignettes! So nice for fall. Everything looks so pretty! x K