Wednesday, March 20, 2024

Vintage Easter Decorations

Hello, Friends,
How are you? 
I thought I'd share a few Easter pictures with you today. I had a lot of fun thrifting and adding to my Easter decor. If you have followed me for a while, you will know that we plan to move to our East Texas house when Bill retires. That house is half the size of our house in town. Last year I felt a lot of internal pressure to get rid of some holiday decor but since an addition is in the works for that house, the pressure is relieved a bit. I was able to add some new and new to me thrifted items to my current collection. I also tried to use all of my remaining decor rather than keep some of it in the closet for "someday".
This post will be picture heavy and I'll try to keep the chatting to a minimum. 
I'll include a couple of pictures from my pansy cabinet and the East Texas house too. 

I wanted this Vaillancourt rabbit but there was no way that I could justify $300.00 for it. 

Hobby Lobby had this blue rabbit and although the shape wasn't the same, it had good bones in order to recreate that look. 

 Images of actual Dutch Blue rabbits in addition to the $300.00 inspiration were used when I painted my rabbit. 

He's on the hutch in the entryway. 

I spotted the two white rabbits below when I was thrifting for clothes. 
I believe these were from Tuesday Morning, originally. That is where I got mine years ago.  I had the pair but broke one. The lone rabbit went out to East Texas and I've been on the lookout for years to replace the broken rabbit. I couldn't believe I finally found them. I bought both because they are so easy to style.  

Oh wow. Here is the one out in E.T. It's a different pose. Crazy. Someday the three of these will be used together. 

The bronze rabbits came from my step mother. They stay out until Christmas. We called them the snooty bunnies. 

Here are a couple of images from the kitchen. 

The rabbit with the basket has the antique look that I love. He is from Hobby Lobby. I did repaint his overalls because the lime green wasn't doing anything for him. I repainted the ribbon that is holding his egg backpack as well. 

I'm loving Bill's childhood alphabet blocks. I had to add some letters to his set. 

So much for not chatting! 
My mother's German doll house (above) is decorated for Easter with some faux eggs and a couple of chocolate rabbits. The one in the window is faux. Fairy lights on a timer illuminate it from within. 
A card from my first Easter is snugged in the niche. 

The dining room tablescape is set with new Lenox Spring Vista. I thrifted 10 pieces for $11.00. I augmented the set with an eBay win. 

Let's go to the garden room. It's one of our favorite rooms in the house and I'm happy to say we are recreating the same thing in East Texas. 

The bunny with glasses was a popular item a few years ago. I found mine last year for only $2.49. 
He stands watch over my favorite children's book. 
The rose covered gate came from the fairy garden section at Hobby Lobby. I think it is the cutest thing. It feels like the entrance to a secret garden. 

The holiday hutch is decorated in a pansy theme. It's one of my favorite flowers.

The framed fabric (above) was a doll pillow. I played with it when I was small but I think it was my mom's pillow.  It was pretty tattered in some spots which is why I framed it.

I adore the gray and green nursery planter. 

The lacy bundle contains coffee poetry written by my husband. 

Here are a few East Texas pictures for you. 

The bridal veil and the dogwood are in full bloom. 

Spring is here! 

I hope that you enjoyed this Easter/Spring inspiration. 
I hope you are well and I hope to see you soon. 


  1. Katie,
    I Love your Easter decorations . Isn’t it fun to do the spring decorations?
    I am with you $300 for a fake rabbit I always put a price for what I will spend on things. Then I decide if the price is fair or not. your diy is so much nicer since you made it better than the original and had fun redoing it in the process. Hope that you will have a blessed Easter. Sharon k from nj

  2. Love how you painted the rabbit black and white! I always enjoy seeing all your wonderful holiday pieces and decor! Love the seed box! Happy Easter!