Saturday, June 22, 2024

Vintage Inspired Patriotic Decor

How are you all doing?

In the last few years,  I've forgotten about decorating for 4th of July until it is too late to create very many vignettes. This year, I pulled it out Memorial Day Weekend so I've had plenty of time to play with decor.
I watched this YouTube video as a spring board for my inspiration. I love the Little Cahaba Junkin channel. Kayla has a great eye for vintage finds and reminded me that I had some cute stuff tucked away. I had some stuff that isn't patriotic but it works with a patriotic color scheme. 
This is a long one. I hope you find some inspiration. 

Transferware in blue and red was pulled out from the cupboard. 

My little shoe box of flags and other mementoes was sorted and tiny touches were added to displays. 
A little Liberty Bell was popped in with an antique seed catalogue print. 

I utilized the old Scrabble game to spell out fireworks. 

Tiny toy soldiers were added to a display of military photos of my father and his parents. 
The book belonged to my maternal grandfather from when he was in the navy. It just dawned on me that I do have a photo of him in his naval uniform somewhere. The antique graphic is a card that I found last weekend in Fort Worth at the antique mall. 

Flags were popped in a vase of dried status and gypsophilia. The video reminded me to use the number 4 in a patriotic display. This one is from my antique church attendance board. It is perfectly aged. A tiny souvenir Statue of Liberty rounds out the display. This is my favorite display this holiday. 

I love the mantel. 
I figured that my Boyscout husband might have something to say about how I draped the old flag. Rather than take it to the hardware store to be decommissioned and go where flags meet their final end. I conducted an impromptu decommissioning ceremony of my own. I'd rather display my Nana's old flag than have it go somewhere from the hardware store. Comment if you know what they do with old flags. 
I fear that they end up in the landfill. 

I spelled out Red, White and Blue with our vintage little school blocks. 
It does kind of drive me nuts that I had to use a green U. I love it though. 

It took me an on and off day of searching to find my red poppies. 
Poppies are very popular in Europe for Remembrance Day.

As we began cleaning out the attic, I came across a book from when I taught school. 
Rather than donate it, I set it aside to use in the summer. 

How precious is it? 
Thank you Graphic's Fairy for the printable. 

Poppy post cards and star bowl filler rest on Starsky the Hutch.


Aunt Jessie's washstand got another seed catalogue printable. I got two of these from the Smithsonian Libraries Website. 

I pulled my grandmother's 100+ year old doll house down from one of the closets at Christmas. Since then, I've been decorating it for each holiday. Faux Candles come on each evening at 5 or so. 
I adore the bunting that I tied across the porch. 

The little cupboard in the laundry room got a sweet doll. I made the dress for her in patriotic colored fabric. She waves a tiny cupcake decoration flag. 

I made the flag following Mother Thyme's tutorial. 

When I reached the end of my stash, I hit my two thrift stores, a gift boutique and my antique mall. 

I found the fan, the butter pats and a darling geranium pillow from a favorite local crafter. 
I tucked them in a bowl of blue onion pieces. 

I sorted my vintage Christmas bulbs and only used blue and red in an old jar. 

A Queensland fabric pillow brings red into the garden room. 
It is my favorite fabric. Red glass is corralled in the bird cage. 
A tiny flag pillow by one of my favorite crafters rests next to a vintage tin filled with more poppies. 

That is about it. If you have made it this far, thank you! 
I hope to see you again soon. 
Hopefully, this week we will have an update on the house addition in East Texas. We've been waiting on the plumber. Once he does the rough in, we can get the concrete poured. 

Bye, bye for now. 


  1. So good to see you post, Katie. I miss regularly seeing all your wonderful vintage keepsakes and pieces of the past. Hope you're doing well. You all have a big project ahead, but I know it will turn out wonderfully. Have a great summer!

  2. So enjoyed reading and viewing your vintage inspired patriotic post!
    I loved seeing your exquisite collection! I wish I had not donated my collection of wooden alphabet blocks - love how you displayed your set. I like your handmade flags - especially the last one featured. Thank you & Happy July 4th!

  3. Katie,
    It sure has been a bit of a minute since I stopped by....And I do apologize sincerely for that....A lot has happened in my life and I am now a widow...Joe passed away from pancreatic cancer in April after only a 5 week illness....We also became first time grandparents to 2 identical twin grand daughters in December...At least Joe got to see them and hold them....Right now, I am trying to find what my new life will be like....I LOVED this post as I adore all your vintage Patriotic items and how you displayed them! Gorgeous!! I am a You Tube Junkie and follow the same channel ( and many more) that you mentioned...I hope all is well with you and that you are having a great week!!!
    Debbie-Dabble Blog