Friday, November 28, 2014

Painting the Kitchen

I mentioned that our decor is somewhat Nordic inspired this holiday season. 

It prompted an impulsive urge to paint the living room on Monday of last week. 

I ran out of paint otherwise I would have started on the kitchen that day. 
A quick trip to Sherwin Williams on Saturday and I was back in the game. 
I haven't been wild about the yellowish walls with the white cabinets for a while.

Our new shelves on the yellow just were not quite right.

This photo sort of cinched it for me. The color had to go.

Gray is all the rage right now but it just looks green in my house and we didn't want a green kitchen. 

Nordic interiors are predominantly white to reflect what little winter light there is.  
That seems counter to what you might think but it fits in with the direction my house is headed. 
I keep adding more white all the time. 
This kitchen has always been dark. More light reflection will be appreciated especially if this winter is as dark and gloomy as last winter.

We opted for a tone on tone look to go with the cabinets.

The color is Natural Choice by Sherwin Williams. 
The cabinets are Dover White.

The long buffet wall is the one that bugged me the most.
It may be boring to some but now it feels just right. 



I just love the black transferware and the black chandelier. 

The corner is cute with the white banister although that was the only corner that looked good yellow.



It took almost all day. There was so much cutting out to do. 
This time I did the hard stuff first. 

I'd be fooling myself if I told you that this will stay this way and the kitchen will never be painted again. 
That is what I told myself after I painted last time. 
It's taken almost a week to get this place decorated for Christmas. Why? 
Four trees, that's why. 


  1. It looks wonderful, Katie! I'm sure it's a great feeling to have it freshly painted. Our kitchen really needs a paint job but I'm pretty positive that's not happening before Christmas!

  2. beautiful and fresh! nothing like a new coat of paint!

  3. Your new paint color looks fabulous, Katie! You've painted almost your entire house and I'm still thinking about painting our kitchen! I've got 4 days off and I'm really hoping to get our kitchen painted as well as decorate the house if we don't succumb to the stomach flu that came with our son-in-law yesterday. ugh

  4. I. LOVE. IT. Girlfriend! It looks beautiful! I love the color you chose. I could live there.... seriously!

  5. It looks great Katie. I love the tone on tone. Now you can add whatever colors you want in your accessories. Looks bright and fresh. I bet the nordic Christmas will look so great.

  6. Your kitchen looks just gorgeous!! I'm going 'lighter' in my home as well...really brightens things up.

  7. Your kitchen looks amazing! Lighter is what I wish for too. ;)

  8. What a beautiful color! I am cringing at the thought of painting my house.But this coming February will be three years ago that I painted it....eek...not sure I am ready to paint yet.Your home looks beautiful Katie!

  9. It looks so nice and fresh! I've been converted to white paint recently too. It makes such a nice blank canvas for everything else.

  10. looks amazing, loving the white on white.

  11. Katie, I love the new whiter walls. I'm wanting my walls more neutral and brighter too.

  12. Katie, it's a fantastic change! It looks so bright and fresh. If I had my house to do over again, I'd go neutral. You are inspiring me to paint my living room/dining room. It is a yellow gold, and I am beyond sick of it. I just cant figure out what color to use, or I would have done it yesterday. Looking at your kitchen, I know a change is what I have to do! Love your new look! Congrats on your WOW feature!!!!

  13. Looks fantastic! Love that fresh look - so pretty! :)

  14. Simple. Such a pleasure to look at a home without so much decoclutter :) Beautiful!

  15. I agree with looks wonderful and cozy...very welcoming.

  16. Oh, it all looks gorgeous! White works so well on your kitchen walls. I love the open shelves, the chandelier and the buffet wall the most.

  17. Your kitchen looks brighter and lighter with the white paint. It adds to the emphasis of the decorations, utensils and other stuff. The new color palette is totally superb. White is always a great choice, indeed. Thanks for sharing that, Katie! Kudos and all the best to you!

    Richmond Gordon @ CertaPro Painters

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