Monday, December 1, 2014

Flocking Four Ways

Do you have your tree up yet? 
Are you ready for a different look?
The last few years I've been attracted to flocked trees. 
The technology for these has changed since the old artificial flocked trees of the 70s. 
Over time those became an unattractive shade of yellow. 
The first year I used snow from a can. 
It flecked and dusted off of the tree and wreaths.  
The next year I did some searching on the internet and saw that brush painting a tree with white paint created a flocked look. The tree from my room last Christmas is the result of that technique. 

White lights, glass balls and iced branches makes for a subtle effect but I wanted more.
Bill and I got some old trees down from the attic and set up a spray painting station. I went to town with white flat spray paint. Bill is convinced that I'm addicted to VOCs and create any opportunity to partake of fumes. 
That is simply not true. 

These trees were old, broken pre-lit trees that have had their lights removed. 
I sat with wire cutters and clipped and clipped. It is a great way to get a bargain on a tree. Simply sting with new lights.  

They were ready for a makeover with a light dusting of "snow". 

Once they were decorated they were still a little too subtle so I tipped the ends with 
Snow Tex. 
You can find it at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. 

I love the effect.
The alpine tree in the dining room is decorated with black and red tartan ribbon, some Lenox snowflakes and a few other precious trinkets.

I love this tree.

The living room tree is only on its third season. 
Bill would exchange me for a younger model if I painted this tree. 
The lady at the Christmas store suggested that I add flocked picks to give it more white. 
So last January I loaded up on big pine boughs from Hobby Lobby when they were on clearance. 
I spray painted them to give them the light dusting effect.

I like the balance of green and white with this tree which is more noticeable during the day.

Our final flocked tree came from Walmart.


It is not an expensive tree but it is cute. 
I compared the lower end flocked trees from Walmart and Big Lots. 
I didn't want to spend a fortune for a look that I might tire of.

This tree from Walmart was fuller and seemed sturdier than the one from Big Lots. 
I believe a similar tree this year at Walmart is $150.00. 
A flocked tree is more expensive than its green counterpart.

As with any artificial tree, I shake the branches a little to make sure that pine needles won't rain down all over.
I don't want to vacuum pine needles all throughout December.

I did quite a bit of research before I began flocking.
There is a technique using soap flakes and one using cornstarch.
I'm really not sure how those would look after one season. 
I doubt they would survive a Texas summer in the attic. 

 Those are the trees, my dears.
I'll have room reveals and some DIYs in other posts throughout the month. 
Happy December. 
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  1. Katie, your trees look so pretty. I did some same painting with spray snow on old garland greens I had this year. I will be posting soon but I am so afraid that I made a mistake this year. It is so different for me. I'll keep working on it..Happy Monday..Judy

  2. Your trees are all so pretty! I like the look of a flocked tree. Glad you were able to find something that would give you that look.

  3. LOVE your trees Katie! What a great alternative to flocking! I saw that tree at Walmart and almost bought it.I too really love flocked trees this year.But instead,I bought a white tree with pastel lights.Maybe next year will be a flocked tree.Yours is gorgeous and a great price too!

  4. I've spray painted trees before ( once a " real " one ) but yours beat mine - just beautiful Katie !
    And that tall narrow one?
    If you could just ship it up to me that would be perfect ( no room for my usual 7 ft trees in this house - in fact no room for any tree LOL )

  5. Your post caught my eye at Marty's party this week because we are doing the same thing to an old tree of ours. It was a good one -- nearly 20 years ago. It is white (but not flocked), but it has yellowed. We are going to give it a light coat of white floral spray paint (Design Master) and then flock it. Yours all look fantastic! One thing: do you notice any odor from the paint when the lights warm up?

  6. So beautiful! Love your trees :)

    I would love if you share your post with my Big Christmas Link Party ! :)