Thursday, September 14, 2017

Vibrant Guest Room In Teal

I was perusing Pinterest one night while Bill and I watched T.V. 
I saw a teal bedroom and I was lost. I got sucked into a teal rabbit hole. 
I realized that we used to have a turquoise/teal/aqua bedspread.
Which was it? Would it be the right color? 
Did we still have it? 
Did I give it away in a great purge? 
I dashed to the closet. 
There it was hanging in the back of the closet. It was still in the bag from the cleaners. 
Oh rapture! 
Oh fun!
A new color scheme to play with.
I spread it out on the guest bed. 

The pillow is from Pottery Barn's collection last spring.

The butterfly prints mimic a butterfly on the pillow.
 I found a gorgeous butterfly book at Half Price Books.

Each illustration is stunning. The book was only $12.00.

All of my gold frames had been dispersed to different areas of the house.
I had to go on a mission to corral them all.
This collection reminds me of my aunt and my cousin.
She had a display like this above her bed when she was a teenager.

The large, gorgeous mirror came from my mother in law.

The art deco clock was an antique store find years ago.

The chandelier was 50 cents at a garage sale.

Teal must have been one of the popular dorm room colors for back to school.
I found the fleece throw in the dorm room section at Walmart.

The chair was rescued out of the trash pile at school.
I slipcovered it a few years ago.

My collection of children's books got stuffed in the secretary desk when I retired in May.
They need to be organized and sorted.

Shopping the closet is the best.
Thanks for having a peek at our vibrant fall guest room. 


  1. Isn't it great when you can redo a room with what you have? Looks lovely.

  2. So pretty! And it's so great when you can shop your closet! Sometimes I just want some teal color, too...and in the fall I love it with orange...

  3. That bedspread is a beautiful color! Like you, my favorite shopping is from things I had put away and forgotten about.

  4. LOL Katie I do the same thing. I watch something with Terry and next thing I know I am involved in pinterest on my Ipad too. Love the new colors. So pretty for fall.

  5. I'll be over soon! Oh, Katie, it really is lovely. I'm quite a sucker for teal so I can see why you got carried away. The frame above the bed with the prints is wonderful.