Monday, September 11, 2017

Art And Accessories For The Trailer

Which do you like better the mountains or the beach? 
The beach does terrible things to my hair so I prefer the mountains.

 However, I am terrified of road trips through the mountains.
We discovered this on our first trip up to Estes Park, Colorado.
I was in the back of the Suburban with a blanket on my head. My four year old was patting my head and saying, "It's okay, Mommy."
I'd never had a panic attach before. No fun.
If I do the driving, though, I am fine.
We have had some great vacations in the mountains and I wanted that sort of feel for the trailer.
I didn't want it too lodge looking, if that makes sense.

My first painting was white mountains on a stained board.

I stained the board and then let it dry. 
The stain is from Minwax. 
I painted snowy looking triangles once the stain was dry.

I saw one like this on Pinterest.
Cute, cute, cute.

For the second project, I printed out a photo that I took on a train ride up through British Colombia during our trip to Alaska. 

Printing it out on regular copy paper caused it to look like a vintage print.
I didn't expect this and I love it! 
Oddly, I can ride a train through the mountains without having a panic attack.

This snowy Canada Goose print didn't make it into the trailer but it has been freed from the terrible frame. 
I thought this was an original instead of a print.
It might show up at Christmas. Who knows? 

A watercolor painting was also recruited for the area above the coffee bar. 

The black mountain painting was also inspired by Pinterest.
This one was so easy.
I almost didn't use it either but it looks cute hanging on the side of the cabinet.
I just drilled it into the wood.

Anything black was rounded up for the accessories.

It is always fun assembling stuff we already own.

I love the black and white dishes. 

Here is a sneak peek. 

That is about it for today. 
We are nearing the end of the inside. 
Please pop back by for the change on the outside. 
Have a wonderful week. 

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  1. I have loved seeing you redo your trailer. Hubby wants to buy a used one and fixed it up. At first I was a little afraid of all the work, but seeing what you have done I am not scared.

  2. Wow...I love how everything is getting put together! Your dish are gorgeous and add a nice, elegant mix to everything. The mountain prints and your own artwork are wonderful! I like the first one, the simple white lines.

    We have a place in NC. And yeah, sometimes those mountain roads can scare the heck out of me!


  3. I love those black and white dishes too. I love the way your decorating your tiny vacation house.

  4. You set a better table in your camper than we do in our house most days!

  5. Katie, what a transformation. It looks perfect and don't you just love "real" china when camping. No paper plates is a good thing. Everything looks great and your paintings finish it off..Have a great week..Judy