Friday, December 16, 2011

Borrowing From The Boyfriend

I hope that you are having a fashionable Friday. I usually plan my outfits for the next week on Saturday. I'd love to take pictures and do a "what I wore" kind of thing, but I need a better mirror. Below you will see one of my attempts. The only full mirror I have is on my antique armoire. I think the glass is too wavy or something. The glass isn't dirty, it's wavy because it's so old. I do love that mirror though because I think it makes me look skinnier.
As you think about your weekend, let's borrow from the boyfriend for some hot trends right now.
I love the boyfriend watch! Now most of the ones I have seen around town at Nordstrom Rack and T.J. Maxx are not actually made for a guy, but they are oversized for a woman. I think that is what happens with a trend. The first ones to sport this were actually wearing their boyfriend's, brother's or husband's watch. Soon it takes over and then they are manufactured for women. I love the bling and structure of this cute watch from Fossil. 
I put my dainty little bracelet watch on a few weeks ago and it seems too small. I won't get rid of it, because I am sure the small watch will come back in style eventually. I will keep the good watches and the junk ones will go to make room in my jewelry box.
My oversized watch is actually a man's watch I got at the thrift store. You can also see it in the photo below. I love it. I will do a watch tutorial on how to change the band and the battery for you soon. 
Next up...
The Boyfriend Jean. This one is a little more difficult for those of us on the pleasantly plump side. I love the look of the rolled cuff, but I really don't need anymore bulk around the middle. Notice they are mid-rise. Yeah! I hope this means that the low rise jean is finally going by the wayside. 
There are so many fashion bloggers in their twenties. But what about us older women? We need to know how to take the trends and apply them for our age group. I took my mid-rise boot cut jeans and rolled up the cuff. I have the look of the boyfriend jean but not the bulk. 
Please promise me that you will look for a good jean. This really is a place to spend a little money. No more mom jeans. If they are up at your waist, it is time to purge. I remember feeling frugal and bought jeans from the men's department in Walmart once. Really! They had to look horrible. 

Another trend borrowed from the boyfriend or the grandpa is the Cardigan.
I love cardigans. I have a whole row in my closet just for my sweaters. They are a really good alternative in the Southern states. It really is not cold enough for bulky sweaters. The cardigan is usually a perfect weight.
As with anything else, you really should not wear a man's cardigan or jean. Go find a similar look in the women's department. 

Maybe it is not too late to put these on your Christmas wish list.   

Here is my feeble attempt at a what I wore. See what I mean about the mirror? 
      • Cardigan and Tee-Nordstrom Rack
      • Shoes-Thrifted
      • Calvin Klein Watch-Thrifted
      • Bangles-Thrifted
      • Bag-Louis Vuitton (Gifted by Husband) 
      • Ann Taylor Jeans-Thrifted  
The bangles were a really hot trend this past spring and summer. Now it is stacked bracelets with mixed metals. How do you keep up with the trends?

Soon I will have a Thrifty Thursday with info about my favorite thrift stores.
Have a great weekend!
Sprinkled with stuff from the boys,

Photos: Fossil, Polyvore and me. 

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