Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Decor 2011

Happy Monday. I hope you had a great weekend.
I love Christmas!
I have very fond memories of Christmas growing up. As a young girl I remember listening to Mitch Miller and just staring at the Christmas tree. We had those wonderful old German glass ornaments, tinsel and those fun colored light bulbs. Creating a vintage feel to our Christmas decor has been a bit of a pursuit of mine over the years.
I'd love to share some of my displays with you.
The Holy Family is vintage Goebel. 
It is a replacement for the one my parents had. I searched and searched e-bay for it. 
I went with a very muted pallet of brown and lilac. I have a very non-traditional color pallet at Christmas.

I love, love things under glass. The sheep and Jesus are from vintage nativities. 
The big dome was an old 80's clock that I pulled the guts out of. 
I have had the angels for years. The brownish one was a thrift. The pink one was from Walmart! 

When I was newly married I inherited a box of antique blown glass ornaments. There have been some casualties over the years and I have added to the collection. These are the smaller ones on a tree that is supposed to look like a German feather tree. 

Now for the kitchen.


My brother and his wife got me the old tin sifters and spoon for my birthday. I was inspired to make candle holders out of them. I love pip berries this year in my kitchen and the gingerbread man is always a favorite. The one pictured was like .90 cents ages ago.  I have been in love ever since. 
It really is one of the few Christmas motifs I haven't tired of. 

The super cute candy jar came out of my Grandmother in law's pantry. It's filled with faux candy.
The candy came off picks that I bought at Hobby Lobby.  
The little stove was my moms when she was little. It was actually electrified. I took the cord off recently,  but did play with this as a child. It's a good thing it didn't burn the house down. 
Fitz and Floyd tumbling gingerbread men. The apple sifter came from Grandmother in law.
Here is the main tree in the living room. It has the rest of our German ornaments. 

I hope that you all have a blessed week. Try to savor the joy and tradition of the season! 

Sprinkled with vintage,

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