Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chalkboard Makeover

I have been stalking Pinterest lately. It is a networking site for recipes, decorating ideas, fashion and much more. It's tons of fun. I kept seeing these cute chalkboards for the dining room or kitchen. They were not your average schoolhouse chalkboard. These had more ornate frames. I have seen them in magazines for a while, so I decided I would make one.
I figured I would make ours with chalkboard paint and plywood. Instead I spotted an old chalkboard at one of my favorite thrift stores. It was marked $6.50 but everything in the store was marked down an additional 25%. I love that it has some marks on it from some children. I guess the teacher in me likes preserving something kids played with.  It adds to the charm. A gallon of chalkboard paint can be about $40.00.
I have a thing for vintage frames. I pick them up when I see them at garage sales and thrift shops. I very rarely pay more that $10 dollars per frame and I have gotten some good ones for a dollar. I even snatched one out of someone's trash on my way to work. Sometimes the old ones have chipped plaster on the corners, but I'm okay with that. I love things that are imperfect.
The frames above were my choices for the frame. I was pulling for the black one, because it has hung around the house the longest, but it was too big. My second choice was the black and gold one but it didn't  look as good as the gold one.
I cut a little slit in the old frame so I could get the chalkboard out. 
I borrowed the ruler and square from Mr. Bill. I measured the frame and marked the chalkboard. I cut it on the table saw. Make sure you wear goggles or glasses. You really don't want to have to take a trip to the emergency room with a chalkboard sliver in your eye. 
If you have not used a saw before, have someone show you how. It really is not hard and is no more intimidating than using a mixer. 
Tack the board into the frame and you are good to go. 
Just make sure you have chalk in the house. 

I have more of the board left. I'll use the rest in another frame for my little office or classroom. 
I feel like I'm dining in a French bistro. Too much? 
Happy New Year!

Sprinkled with chalk dust and saw dust,

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