Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Winter White

I am taking Christmas down this week. I don't know about you but I get a little depressed when Christmas is over. The house looks so empty when all the decorations are put away. I started decorating for fall in early October so the house has looked festive for a few months. If it would snow in Texas we might have something beautiful to look at outside. Let It Snow!
I only got one new decor item for Christmas, so I need a little inspiration. I love a winter white look at Christmas and have done that a few times. The last few years I have gone with a warmer pallet, so my white Christmas decorations haven't been used in a few years. I have some snowmen, white cottages, snowflakes, and of course pine cones. I pulled these out and spread them around the house to add a little interest.
Winter white is perfect for getting through the winter doldrums until spring gets here. The retailers would have us decorating for Valentine's day but I really don't want Valentine's decorations around for six weeks if at all.

Here are a few things I do to bring a little cheer to my winter woes.

  • White throws of differing textures tossed over the sofa or the end of the bed will add warmth and comfort. I love different shades from off white to a rich cream. Brown and white is a nice combination as well. Pottery Barn has some beautiful throws and they are 30% off right now.

  • I am not opposed to artificial flowers. My favorite are velvet. I have picked up different ones over the years in different colors. Pottery Barn usually has some cute faux potted plants each season. They look pretty real. If you can't go faux, add a little life with white flowers from the grocery store. I always intend to buy flowers  for Christmas, but I get too caught up in the holiday festivities to remember to pick them up. Add some sprigs of ivy or other greenery from your winter garden for a just picked look. My amaryllis refused to cooperate and bloom for Christmas so I have that to look forward to in a day or so. I bought pink and white or white just in case. (I can't remember. It was quite a few weeks ago, so it will be a surprise!) You may find something similar at the nursery or grocery right now. 

I love vintage post cards. I picked these up last summer while antiquing in East Texas. 
Look at the message on the one below. A Happy New Year! I forgot that I found this until I pulled these out yesterday. I love that they are in my color pallet. 

I love little white tealight cottages. Mine has a snowman on the side. It was a thrifty find for about a dollar. 

  • I will keep my Snowbaby collection on display for a few weeks. I also have two little antique German cake toppers that take center stage as soon as all the other decor is put away.


  • Finally I like to keep a few of my snowmen out. I chose a few that don't have too much red decoration so they don't feel overly Christmasy. 

I pulled out my brown transfer ware again. It was on hiatus after I repainted my kitchen last summer. It has a hot chocolate and marshmallow feel.

If you are like me and are in decorating withdrawal, repurpose some of your Christmas decor to take you into January.

Sprinkled with snowy white,

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