Thursday, January 19, 2012

The Blog!

The blog is a little over a month old. I am tickled that I have had almost 500 people look at my site. I'm annoyed by the people from Russia who are probably trying to find out information about me so they can scam me, but to them I say. "I am just a lowly preschool teacher, I deal with poop and pee almost on a daily basis. My identity is not really one you want to steal unless of course I fulfill my dream of winning or just being on "Dancing With The Stars."" I am one step closer to that dream if I become famous for this blog or I win the reality show I have created called "Last Pre-School Teacher Standing."
As a contestant on my reality show, early childhood teachers  have to win series of challenges. Like the "juice box challenge" where they have to open 10 juice boxes in the shortest amount of time. Or how about the mandarin orange challenge where teachers have to open those little cups of mandarin oranges without spilling a single drop. (Try it, those things are tough to open.)  Today was the "Gogurt Challenge." If you twist those little sucky tubes of yogurt they will open if twisted hard enough. Can you tell most of the challenges involve opening food for a table of hungry, not quite self sufficient little ones?
There are oodles of other challenges and obstacles, but most of them involve bodily fluids so I don't think you want to hear about those. It would be a "Fear Factor" meets "Survivor" kind of thing. It has potential, right?
But enough about that. I just love blogging. I should have been doing this years ago. The things I write about for you are every day occurrences around here. What I have realized by chronicling this past 6 weeks is that this is how Bill and I really live. We are always in the midst of projects. I love it when I find before pictures on my computer for one of my posts. Most of the time I'm so excited about my projects I forget to photograph them. And Rebekah says that I always say "It will be awesome." about something I am working on.
So in the days to come, I can't wait to show you what else we have been up to at the manor. My profile states that we are DIYers. But we are also proponents of "don't do it yourself" "DDIY" I will be honest about projects that are just better left to the professionals. I am excited about doing a post about the 5 best and 5 worst decorating mistakes we have made. Oh, and I can't wait for gardening season.

Have a blessed day,
Sprinkled with humor,

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