Monday, January 16, 2012

Three Day Weekend Makeover Revealed

The pot roast is cooking and the three day weekend is winding down. Mr. Bill is running one last errand and will finish up his little project before dinner. 
I have asked him to be a guest blogger, because his projects are amazing! Like this chair he covered in leather. 
But... he says that he can't blog on "something called Sprinkles." I think that he can. 
Since he won't blog, I will do a blog about this chair sometime.

Are you ready to see what color I painted the dish dresser? First let me tell you that I am so excited about this piece again. I haven't been this in love with it since it was brand new. Here is what it looked like before. 
It really had been a junk stop for stuff that had to go out to the shed or garden.
I started the project Saturday morning after I had coffee in my favorite stay at home and drink coffee mug. As soon as I was finished, I got to priming. 
I used Prime and Seal by Behr. 
It was a beautiful, warm, sunny day on Saturday, just perfect for quick drying on the primer. If it had been raining I would have postponed the project. 
I used the primer so I would not have to strip or sand. I hate sanding with a passion. This piece is not going to get high use, so I think the primer will be fine. I would sand if I were painting kitchen cabinets or a table. 
I used some freedom and creativity on this because Bill said he was not attached to it. In fact he said I could give it away. I think that released me to do some things I wouldn't normally do. This is in our sunroom. which he enclosed. (Can you say guest blogger?) We tend to go a little bit more country out here than in the rest of the house. Okay, I go a little more country.
I used an oil based paint from Sherwin Williams called White Duck. I let it dry overnight.  Painting with oil based paints provides such a nice finish. It takes longer to dry and the clean up is more difficult. To speed clean up I throw the brush away. Don't  judge. I conserve in other ways. 
I staged it Sunday with some accessories and then thought about what else I could do. 
The embellishments came from Home Depot. 
I love this blog.
She does the cutest stuff with numbers.
The numbers have significance. They were $1.48 each.
One hook was left over from a Bill project for his closet. The other one was $3.29.
The hammered pulls on each side were only $2.58. They look so vintage to me.
The cloverleaf grille was the most expensive element. It was $32.98. It was brass so I spray painted it flat black.  I have seen the sheet metal used to make radiator covers.
I am hoping it will give the dog hair a resting place instead of the way it floats around the room.
I am so excited about other uses for this stuff. I have a little left over so I will be experimenting. It cut very easily with tin snips. 
I screwed it in. The edge shows so I put the cut edge toward the front of the piece. The factory edge is towards the back and bottom, so it looks nicer. 

The decoration on the front was a brass piece I have had kicking around in my junk embellishment bag for ages.

I will have tons of fun staging this through out the seasons. You will love my vintage strawberry collection. 
I didn't go with black paint on this piece because most of the art in my little vintage collections have black backgrounds. Much like the pear below. I thought my collections and my black transferware would get lost in a sea of black. I have used black furniture elsewhere in the house and was ready for something bright. 

I have a whole set of these little fruit appliques. They came off of a wool skirt made for my step mom by her mother-in-law. It was given to me when I could wear a size two. I had the skirt for years and never wore it. I finally cut out the line of applique and made a vest during the 90's. Once the vest craze was over I took the vest apart and framed the strawberries. I have an apple and a plum as well. I love them. The handiwork on these little pieces of fruit is amazing. 
I went with pears for this seasonal display. 
My dear daughter did some pear watercolors in school. I will frame them, as soon as I can find where I put them. 
I have been into the galvanized accessories for a while. They showed up in my Christmas decorating. I got the two teared holder at Hobby Lobby on half price metal day. It was about 4.00. I also still love my mom's little stove.
There is another three day weekend in February. I'm excited about more refurbishing. 
Sprinkled with pears,


  1. hi Katie ... found you on FJI SNS and just wanted to say how nice this cabinet looks. Love the way you accessorized it too, especially "Mom's stove". Will follow you and enjoy looking at your blogs as we enjoy the same stuff ... /er treasures. I think I need to shop my garage and bring new/old stuff in the house. Hope you will stop by Timeless Treasures and say hello.
    Blessings. Audrey Z.

  2. Thank you Audrey! I found your blog last week and read every post. I am so impressed with how well you have done in such a short time. I love what you did with the mailbox. I am now a follower of yours.
    Can't wait to see what you find in your garage.